Zip-Up Cotton Shirt

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Hi, this is Shohei.

Since KUON has many fans not only in Japan but also abroad, the website is available in both Japanese and English.

Since I do not understand English, the director takes time out of his busy schedule to translate my Japanese blog into English.

Also, when the director has his hands full, I sometimes enlist the help of photographer Mr.Endo.

(My personal goal for 2023 is English!).

Therefore, there is a time lag between writing the Japanese blog and creating and publishing the English version, and I am writing this blog before the arrival of the Spring/Summer 2023 items.

This is the time when I am most eagerly waiting for the new items ...

As I am waiting for the spring/summer items to arrive, I would like to introduce some items that I would like to wear as soon as they arrive.

Zip-Up Cotton Shirt

Zip-Up Cotton Shirt

Zip-Up Cotton Shirt
Color: White , Black

Seen in this way, it is a plain, minimalist design shirt.

However, the designer's attention has been paid to every detail, and since this item is full of relaxation and elegance, the underlying theme of the 2023 Spring/Summer Collection, we would like to introduce it to you in detail.

Since this item is not used in the LOOK, please take this opportunity to see it through to the end.

Let's take a look at the details.

By the way, I personally order these items at exhibitions for buyers. That's one of the reasons why I thought 'I want to wear it right away.

Dress & Work

Zip-Up Cotton Shirt

The strap integrated with the collar, as seen on work shirts from the 40s and earlier, is a work specification that prevents the collar from flapping.

The collar with a pedestal collar that makes the collar stand up beautifully is a dress specification that can be worn with a necktie.

Zip-Up Cotton Shirt

The silhouette is a loose work specification with a wider body and sleeve width and lower sleeve cuffs than the KUON standard shirt.

The adopted typewriter fabric is densely woven with fibers, so it is durable, lightweight, stress-free, and functional fabric is work-specific.

The fabric is also taut and has an elegant glossy look, making it a dress specification.

Work-spec, dress-spec, work-spec, dress-spec ....

A dress and work piece is truly "relaxed and elegant.

There are still many points of designer's attention.

Let's take a look at more details.


Zip-Up Cotton Shirt

Double zipper closure
Shirt blouson. Cost-effective.

Zip-Up Cotton Shirt

The compact collar has a rich look that changes depending on how the zip is opened.

Zip-Up Cotton Shirt

The collar, the most important design point of the Zip-Up Cotton Shirt, is designed compactly so as not to be too work-like, giving a modern impression.

 At first glance, this shirt looks minimalist, but it is a relaxed and elegant piece that is filled with the designer's attention to detail.

It is a mature item that can be styled beautifully or loosely.

Style Samples

Zip-Up Cotton Shirt

Model 175cm
Hat: Bucket Hat(Black)
Shirt: Zip-Up Cotton Shirt(Color "Black" , Size "L")  
T-shirt: BORO BOX Trimmed T-Shirt(Color "White" , Size "L")
Pants: Denim Pleated Tapered Trousers(Color "Indigo" , Size "L")

Zip-Up Cotton Shirt

Model 175cm
Cap: BORO 6PANEL Cap(Black)
Outer: Kite Shirt(Color "Smoky Lilac , " Size "L")
Shirt: Zip-Up Cotton Shirt(Color "White" , Size "M")  
Pants: Washi/Cotton Pleated Tapered Trousers(Color "Ivory" , Size "L")

Styling will be updated on Instagram, so please wait a little longer.

Thank you!

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