About KUON


[Brand Concept]

KUON is designed by Shinichiro Ishibashi.
KUON means “eternity,” “remote past" or "future,” and also “permanence”.

While appreciating the history and culture of vintage clothes and textiles, KUON always seeks for permanence, simplicity, and authenticity — to not be bound by traditional views.

KUON seeks to challenge customary notions about vintage clothes and to revitalize them with new value.

"New things become old, but beautiful things remain beautiful."


"KUON addresses the social agenda through design"

"KUON believes fashion has the power to energize and motivate people"

"KUON challenges the existing consumer-based approach of mass-production"

"KUON proposes a way of life where “stylish” and “socially good” go together"

"KUON clothing connects people and society"


[Designer Profile]

Shinichiro Ishibashi
After an apprenticeship with an established tailor in Tokyo, Shinichiro worked at a high-end fashion brand
 that present thier collection at Paris Fashion Week as pattern maker. In 2014 he began designing on a freelance basis. In 2016 he became the designer of KUON.


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