You'll know it when you try it on.

You'll know it when you try it on.

Hi, it's Shohei.

It's been about 2 months since I started working at KUON.

I've been spending fresh and fulfilling days by knowing more about the brand, and enjoy conversations with you guys. Plus I am surrounded by my favorite KUON clothes.

Recently, my friends and ex-coworkers visited KUON to see me, but I'm happy but feel a little strange when my ex-coworkers whom I used to sell clothes together buy KUON clothes from me. It may take time to get used to it.

Due to the influence of COVID, many people try to inquire about our products first, and this is the sweatshirt that my friends have been contacting me about.

The biggest reason why my friends interested in is the price, I guess. JPY17,600 include the 10% of consumption tax! Unbelievable! 

My friends who have visited the store have given it high marks, such as "it's even better when you wear it," "I like the combination of its navy color and the metal zipper," and "it's much modern and sophisticated than I thought."



I tried them on, and understood why my friends liked them. The shape is clean even though it is in relaxed fit, and the shape of the collar, I like it. The fabric is soft but the collar beautifully stands still.


No need to say, but it's super comfy.

The French terry fabric looks rough in photos, but it's soft and fluffy.  I feel KUON-ness from the the elbow parts that are reinforced with the Polish military tent cloth that is remnant of the pants. It combines design and functionality, plus "Mottainai" spirit.

To be honest, I was not interested in it personally in the first place(Sorry, Ishibashi-san...), but I like it after tried it on. I'm completely attracted by the magic of KUON clothes...I would wear it underneath a navy fleece vest from patagonia. It must be great for layering because the fabric is light and soft.

It can be worn alone or layered with other clothes, with the zipper closed, or open, depending on your mood.

Last but not least, to show our gratitude for reaching 2,000 followers on the KUON STORE Instagram, we will prepare free giveaway handkerchiefs made of KUON's original fabric for who shop in KUON Flagship Store this weekend. The quantities are limited, and the first come, first served.


Thank you! 

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