KUON Flagship Store

The crest of KUON

・The shape represents a pattern of tortoise shell, which is auspicious for longevity and long life

・Shapes commonly found in nature, such as beehives and snowflakes

・Believed to have positive power

・A form of powerful amulet in Japan

・The shape was used as a pattern for baby clothes to wish for the healthy growth of the child


Hi it's Shohei.

The above is all about hexagons. The more we look into it, the more we will find that it is an auspicious shape.

As you may know, KUON logo is hexagon, and I asked the reasons to Fujiwara, the CEO and Ishibashi, the designer.

Origin of the logo

Since the time Fujiwara and Ishibashi founded KUON in 2016 with the aim of becoming an international brand, KUON has been using this logo with the letters KUON inside a hexagon until today.


"New things become old, but beautiful things remain beautiful"

With this concept, we use traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation in Japan to create products that express Japanese aesthetics in a Western context. Many of the traditional techniques were created by ordinary people based on their wisdom in daily life. 



I feel that the brand's signature BORO blazer is truly an expression of Japanese traditional techniques and wisdom in a Western context.

Respecting Japanese traditions

The KUON logo began with the idea of creating a "KAMON" for the brand. KAMON is a crest that has been used in Japan since ancient times to identify individuals and families. We can find similar things in several cultures.

Many family crests have shapes derived from nature, such as circles and the shapes of leaves, flowers of plants. If you look into family crests, you will find that there are really many types and each has its own meaning and is interesting.

Here are some examples.

麻 家紋


This is called "ASA-MON" derive from hemp leaf.

You might have seen this if you are interested in Japanese history or culture because this is one of the most famous KAMON, known for the crest of Tokugawa Shogun. 

This is called "MITSUBA-AOI" derive from leaves of hollyhock. 

The crest of KUON


After making several samples, they chose hexagon as the crest of KUON even though the circle is commonly used.

KUON Flagship Store

It has a vaguely "Japanese" appearance.

However, it also has a Western feel to it.

I feel the exquisite taste.

In Japan, there is a saying "Names and natures do often agree". A logo is an important way to express the concept of a brand, and the Japanese sense of tradition and beauty is also incorporated here.

Hexagons I found in the storeKUON Flagship Store

KUON Flagship Store
Look for them in the store when you stop by. There might be more than I found.

Thank you.

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