Staff styling: 【T-shirts】

Staff styling: 【T-shirts】

Hi, it's Shohei.

It's getting to be the season when we can go out with just a T-shirt. To be honest, it's easy to go out wearing just a T-shirt, but every year at this time, in the latter half of the summer, I remember saying that I'm tired of T-shirts.

It's true that my closet is full of plain tees, so I knew why I get bored.

With this in mind, I was taking out the t-shirts that had been lying in the stock at the store and found some nice T-shirts.

Now I'm excited to see which t-shirts I'll buy this summer.

Let's take a look at the styling.

BORO Bucket Hat(White): Available in the store (contact us for inquiries)

Box SAKIORI T-Shirt(White)

BORO Wide Shorts(White)


Kei is in all-white.

The Sakiori patch on the chest is a subtle statement, but it has a strong presence. Plus ,it is not just a cut fabric, but is a patch with treated edges.

I had imagined SAKIORI to be striped, so this plain SAKIORI looks fresh to me.


CAP Sleeve Wrinkled T-Shirt

BORO Wide Shorts(Black): Available in the store(contact us for inquiries)

Then, Mikiya is in all-black.

He is good at arranging VINTAGE BORO Device Strap to wear in different forms. (Currently sold out, but it will be restocked.) 

The wrinkled look of this body is expressed by knitting while pulling the yarn. In order to keep the wrinkled look, Polyester is blended into the body fabric.

The shiny acetate and dry washi crepe are applied together to create a cool summer feeling.

It seems hard to sew the stretchy knit with the non-stretchy fabrics together.

In addition, a unique pattern called cap sleeve is used. It is less efficient in cutting than a regular t-shirt, but the rounded shoulder has a unique presence. Look at the beautiful tonal contrast.

I would like recommend this tee to who like plain tees like me. 

After listening to our designer, Ishibashi, talk about the production process, I really wanted to buy one.

SAKIORI Taped Pocket T-Shirt


Mikiya again.

Blue strip on white, super clean and fresh.

As you can see, the pocket is made of SAKIORI, and it is taped on the tee. Fusion of traditional and advanced technologies


Bar tacked to reinforce the tape.

Also, it is lined. The designer's intention was not only to make it cool, but also to make it durable and comfortable.

This is all for today, and see you guys soon in another blog article.

Last but not least, I have something to thank you for.

I joined the KUON team in the past January. Due to the pandemic situation, the number of customers coming to the store has been limited. I had always wondered, "What do our customers think?"

So yesterday, I sent out a survey to 100 randomly selected newsletter subscribers. I am very grateful to have received responses and opinions from so many of you right away.

We would like to improve our retail part with considering your opinion, so that we can enjoy our clothes together with you.

We also learned that many of our customers were introduced to KUON and our flagship stores by our retail partners. In fact, we hear many customers say that they came to visit us because our partners introduced about us.

I realized that I am able to spend good time with my customers every day thanks to the cooperation of both the customers who visit us and our partners.

I have not been able to visit any of our retail partners yet, but I will visit them and express my gratitude in person when pandemic situation settles down. This time, I would like to say it here.

Thank you for supporting KUON!!

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