Free drip bag coffee at KUON Store

Free drip bag coffee at KUON Store

Hi guys, it's Shohei who cannot pitch 100mph fastball.

It's getting warmer and feels like spring is right there. I wonder what to buy for clothes, where to go, what to do? I'm getting more and more excited and naturally feel cheerful as spring approaches. Unfortunately, it is hard for us to travel around...I will enjoy shopping instead of traveling this spring.

In spite of the pandemic situation, I'm sure that everyone who reads this blog is probably feeling the excitement for spring as well.
We have a few exciting announcements from KUON Flagship Store to share with you.

First of all,
《THE COFFEESHOP》 Drip Bag Coffee


We have prepared giveaway drip bag coffee with "THE COFFEESHOP" for our precious customers. Sorry, the amount is limited and the first comes, first served.

Some photos from our SS21 look book have been printed, and I feel hesitate to open it...but I hope you guys enjoy nice coffee.

《All of SS21 collection is available now》

Now, you can check all products from our SS21 collection. (Some items have been sold out though)

I found lots of favorite pieces when they arrived at the store. Here are some of them.


【BORO Paneled Work Jacket】
BORO Panneled Work Jacket

BORO Panneled Work Jacket

Yuki is in Navy one. Its style is casual, but the fabric is sophisticated with fine yarns.


 【Wide Military Pants】

DENIM Wide Pants

COTTON POPLIN Wide Military Pants
COTTON POPLIN Wide Pants are available in Beige and Blue other than Charcoal in the above photo.

I tried on DENIM ones as well as COTTON POPLIN ones, they are light and must-haves for spring and summer. I purchased DENIM ones so far. I guess I'll buy POPLIN ones later...LOL

【SAKIORI Torimmed Noragi】 

SAKIORI Torimmed Noragi

SAKIORI Torimmed Noragi

Available in Beige, Blue and Charcoal. It is inspired by Japanese traditional workwear. I like matching the DENIM Wide Pants I purchased.

There's still more to show, but there's no end, so that's all for today. I'll show you the rest in the store, so I'd be happy if you could come visit me.

Thank you for reading through the end. I'm looking forward to seeing you all in the store!


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