Spring/Summer 2023 -longing for ocean-

Spring/Summer 2023 -longing for the ocean-Sales start on Feb. 4

Hi, this is Shohei.

At the beginning of the new year, our store and online store were temporarily closed for the first sales event from January 2, and from the second week of the year, we had a preparation period for the Spring/Summer 2023 and Fall/Winter 2023 collections.

Thanks to your support, both our store and online store are now fully prepared for the Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

Now, have you seen the "Spring/Summer 2023-longing for the ocean-" look that was released on our website?

If you have already seen it, you may be thinking, "What should I try this spring/summer? or "I wonder what the design of that shirt is going to be like? and so on.

Before introducing the new arrivals, I wanted to give you a deeper look into this season's theme and the designer's thoughts before you take a look at the items.

-longing for the ocean-

Spring/Summer 2023-longing for the ocean-

This season's theme

"longing for the ocean"

As a designer born and raised in the inland area of Iwate Prefecture, the "ocean" was not something that existed close to home.
And even now, as an adult, I still have a strong yearning for the ocean. Even now, as an adult, he still has a strong yearning for the sea.

Looking back, the beauty of nature is a frequent source of inspiration for KUON's collections.



The fundamental strength, beauty, and vitality of nature is a source of inspiration.

"Color of Light"

Color of Light

Focusing on "light," which affects all things seen and unseen, he expresses "diversity" through the "depth" of his "aesthetic sense of light.



The inspiration for this collection comes from familiar "lines" such as ripples formed by rain on the surface of water, waves lapping on the beach, and woven patterns of bamboo baskets.

Looking back from the 2021SS, when I joined the KUON team, there have been so many collections created with "the beauty of nature" as the source of inspiration.

-longing for the ocean-

The designer's inner thoughts are at the origin of the "beauty of nature" that frequently appears as the image source of KUON's collections.

Spring/Summer 2023 -longing for the ocean- was created by focusing on the designer's own original experiences and childhood memories.

Childhood Memory

Lilac, the seasonal color



It is taken from the color of the shoes the designer wore when he was taken to "the sea" as a child in his memory.

He said he could not remember much else, but he vividly remembered wearing lilac-colored shoes.

In addition, we have many suggestions for jackets this season.

Side Zip Seersucker Blazer
Color: White / Navy , Navy

This also reflects the designer's current mood, as she remembers her father's American traditional style from her childhood, which was also a business trip, mixed with the essence of kimono and hakama (traditional Japanese dress).

The items of this season were created from the designer's memories of the "sea," rather than from the "sea" that he associates with it.

It will be more interesting to see this season's items after knowing the background.

This design, used for this season's shirts, shorts, hats, and other items, was created by taking a photo of a seashell the designer's daughter picked up on the coast of Iwate Prefecture and enlarging it.

The shells are kept in her treasure box.

It is wonderful that her daughter's treasures were used in the design.

The collection of this season is filled with the designer's memories, experiences, and skills. Please enjoy the collection.

Thank you!!

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