"Spring Festival" in KUON Flagship Store-Vol.2-

Hi, this is Shohei.

As well as the last blog, this one is information about the Spring Festival in KUON Flagship store.

In this second one of the series, an exclusive short-sleeved shirt and collaborative slippers that you may have been waiting for are introduced. The common point of these two products is that they are all "one-of-a-kind". Let's start with the exclusive style. 

Arimatsu Shibori Camp Collar Shirt

Arimatsu Sibori Camp Collar Shirt

Color: Dark Navy (*Available on April 27 JST.)

Do you remember this stripe pattern of Arimatsu shibori that appeared in the 2023 Fall/Winter collection? 

Arimatsu Shibori L/S
The long-sleeved shirt was released in black and white and mostly sold out immediately. We got many inquiries about them, so we have created a short-sleeved version of this Arimatsu shibori this time!
For your information, only one in M / White for the long-sleeved one is back in stock, so if you are interested in, click here to get it. For larger size, click here to be directed to our retail partner who ships worldwide. 

Arimatsu Sibori Camp Collar Shirt

As we mentioned, the color of the short-sleeved one is very dark navy, which is close to black called "KUON Navy". When you match lighter color items, it looks black as above. On the other hand, it looks navy matched with black.

Arimatsu Shibori S/S

It is recommended for those who could not get long sleeves, as well as for those who have long sleeves. The entire process is done by hand, and the special feeling of Arimatsu shibori, which takes a lot of time and effort, is unique. The entire process is introduced in this blog.

I missed out on the long sleeve one, so I will definitely buy the short sleeve one this time and wear it at the Spring Festival.

Arimatsu Sibori

Last but not least, patterns are never be the same since they are produced by hand. If possible, I would like you to come to our store to choose your favorite ones. 

Now, let's move on to the collaborative slippers.




Rope Slipper-Boro- (*Available on April 27 JST.)

This is our first collaboration with FOOT INDUSTRY. FOOT INDUSTRY is a shoemaker produces products fit your lifestyle with the belief of "pursuit of the essence, sophisticated craftsmanship, and the user's point of view". 

Both of us create products with respect for traditional techniques and craftsmanship, and this resonance led to this collaboration.


The upper is made of present Boro, Upcycled Boro Type2lined with leather. In contrast to the appearance, it is very comfort to wear.

The braided laces derive ideas from our device strap are made of navy shade fabric and fastened with wooden parts, which is a special edition. It is voluminous and has a big impact!


The sole is three-dimensionally made with rubber to fit the shape of the foot and is thick enough to absorb shock from the ground. The matte leather-covered center portion functions as a non-slip surface, ensuring a stable wearing experience.

"Primitive but modern", this is a pair that combines design and comfort at a high level. 

Like the Arimatsu-shibori shirts, the patchwork upper and braided ropes have a different look for each pair, making them a fun choice. Please visit our store and choose your favorite pairs.

In conjunction with the release of the collaborative product, other products of FOOT INDUSTRY will also be available in the KUON Flagship Store. Don't miss them out as well!




We have been introducing the "Spring Festival in KUON Flagship Store" for two weeks so far. Next week, in the third and final blog of this series, we will introduce you to the "raffle draw" which is a festival's most popular event in Japan!

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Thank you!


The first blog about the Spring Festival 


[Spring Festival in KUON Flagship Store]
Date: Sat, April 27 and Sun, April 28
Time: Noon to 8pm
at KUON Flagship Store, 2-15-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


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