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The 4th drop from the FW23 collection will be available both online and offline this weekend, and the 5th one next weekend.


Usually, I introduce some items from them, but I would like to write about an item that is the one I have been looking forward.

Never satisfied with vests I ever bought

While writing this blog, the Guitar riff of Keith Richards has kept repeating in my head...

I have bought many vests even though thinking like "it must be better if this part is different"…oh, Mick Jagger started singing in my head. 

"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" is the one repeated in my head.

Keith and Mick, I found the one that satisfies me.

Best of Vests


The points I haven't satisfied with are like these,

1. Too much outdoor feeling

2. Fitting around the neck was not comfy when wearing on clothes with collar or hood

3. Fitting was not good when wearing underneath jackets


However, this one eliminated all of them!


Reversible Vest

Reversible Vest
Reversible Vest
Color: Khaki, Black

↑in Black


Reversible Vest
↑in Khaki

Too much outdoor feeling? No!

As the name tells, it's reversible. The one side is made of ONIBEGIE, natural dyed nylon, and the other one is fluffy Wool/Poly pile fabric. 

Obviously, there isn't so much outdoor feeling. The metal zipper can be a key not to have it.

Fitting around the neck

Reversible Vest
Wearing on the track jacket

Reversible Vest
Wearing on the hoodie

I felt so nice! 

Ishibashi, the designer explained why.

Reversible Vest

The key is the little space in the front of the low profile collar. It allows collar or hood on clothes worn underneath to be in proper shape and position. It also reduces outdoor feel.

It is a small detail, but one such detail makes big difference. It is filled with the skills of the designer with a background as a pattern maker.

As a side note, the collar of the ONIBEGIE side is made of baby corduroy fabric. If this part was also made of Nylon, it feels cold when it touches wearer's neck. It is a small kindness of the designer, thinking from the viewpoint of the wearer.

Reversible Vest
Of course, it's good on shirts.

Therefore, the bad feeling around the neck is also eliminated!

Let's see the last point.

Good underneath jackets?

Reversible Vest

The thin padding is just the right thickness, not too thick and not too thin. It doesn't bother me when I wear it underneath jackets.

So, all the "dissatisfaction points" have been resolved, and it is certified as Hasegawa's "Best of Vests" without any complaints!

Almost 60 years after the release of "I Can’t Get No Satisfaction", I could have a good report for Keith and Mick. They don't care about it though.

Here is the link to my best of vests.

・Reversible Vest

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