New arrivals from the "Signature" collection

Hi, this is Shohei.
We have just received indigo-dyed and mud-dyed shirts from the KUON SIGNATURE collection, one of my personal favorites every season.

We have blogged about indigo dyeing and mud dyeing several times in the past, so please click here images for more details.


Indigo dyeing and mud dyeing have been done since before I joined KUON. Since they have been coming in every year as a matter of course, they have become a seasonal tradition, and the scarcity and value of natural dyeing has diminished (for me).

However, due to the development of chemical dyes, the shortage of labor and natural material and other reasons, the price of natural dyeing, which requires much time and effort, has been rising year by year, pushed by the "low cost" and "convenience".

In this age of mass production and mass consumption, the global environment has been an issue. These natural dyeing can be friendly to people and the environment based on the wisdom and techniques passed down from the people of the past. It can be more than just luxurious to wear items with a story behind them.

Don't you think it is good to enjoy fashion in this way?

S/S Open Collar Shirt -AIZOME Medium-

S/S Open Collar Shirt -AIZOME Medium- 

Regular Collar Shirt-DOROZOME Dark-

Regular Collar Shirt-DOROZOME Dark-

Natural material plus manual work...I'm sure you can feel the warmth that you never felt with chemical dye.

Every pieces are dyed uniquely and one-of-a-kind. We promise you will be obsessed with those natural dyed goods once you get one.

Thank you!


New arrivals

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