CORDUROY x NYLON Cargo Trousers

Long awaited pants

Hi this is Shohei.
The designer, Ishibashi often wear the cargo pants of the FW2019 collection. Whenever I saw them, I would say, "Those pants are really good," or "I want them, too. 
A photo from last year
The designer loved, and I personally wanted them very much. In addition, Arata, the CEO, followed up by saying, "Everyone wears these pants when we go on business trips... I just wanted them more. Unfortunately, I had no chances to get them because they were from the past collection.
However!! They are back with updates! Yes, long awaited cargo pants!
Of course, they are my favorite, so I might get too enthusiastic. please forgive it.
Let's get started!

Casual pants yet elegant drape 

CORDUROY x NYLON Cargo Trousers


First of all, look at this wide shape! Isn't it cool?

When I saw the designer wearing them, I was struck by the movement of the fabric. The "swaying and moving clothes" are gorgeous and very beautiful and attractive even though the style itself is casual.

The secret of this movement and swaying lies in the silhouette and fabric.

CORDUROY x NYLON Cargo Trousers

This wide silhouette creates room between the fabric and the body, which sway and move beautifully with the body's movements.

You may be able to feel the movement by looking at the drapes in the above photo.

It is made of a fine corduroy fabric with 21 wales per inch.

CORDUROY x NYLON Cargo Trousers


CORDUROY x NYLON Cargo Trousers


Light and thin despite being an autumn/winter fabric. But the corduroy is soft and fluffy to the touch. They sway softly when you walk and make you feel light.

If you actually try them on, you will be amazed at how elegant they are.

Simple but full of details


CORDUROY x NYLON Cargo Trousers

1. Tonal switching

CORDUROY x NYLON Cargo Trousers

The waist, pocket openings, cargo pocket gussets, and hems are switched with nylon of the similar color with the corduroy in areas that are not noticeable when worn. The contrast between the warm corduroy and inorganic nylon is calm but strong design, making them modern.

Also, the design points are scattered in inconspicuous places in a daring and unobtrusive manner. I feel Japanese traditional aesthetics.

CORDUROY x NYLON Cargo Trousers
Incidentally, the pockets are nylon, making it smooth to put things in and out of. This is a nice functionality, as corduroy pockets often gets snagged, and it can be damaged if worn for a long time.

2. Military inspired details

CORDUROY x NYLON Cargo Trousers

Cargo pockets attached to both sides. The original M65 pants don't have gussets on the front side to prevent them from getting caught on branches or other objects in the field, but our ones have plenty of gussets so there is no need for bags.

CORDUROY x NYLON Cargo Trousers

A cord attached to the inside of a cargo pocket. Originally, this was a functional item that was attached as a tourniquet and to prevent making noise from the items in the cargo pockets. Today, however, you can enjoy the swing of the cords or adjust the shape by tying them.

CORDUROY x NYLON Cargo Trousers

Of course, the cords can be put into the cargo pockets.

CORDUROY x NYLON Cargo Trousers

Pleats on knees. 

CORDUROY x NYLON Cargo Trousers

Drawstrings on hem. 

Those details were originally created for functionality, but it is also an eye-catching design points.

Style samples

CORDUROY x NYLON Cargo Trousers

*175cm(5'9), wears L

CORDUROY x NYLON Cargo Trousers

*175cm(5'9), wears M

I usually wear a size L with the waist cinched in to emphasize the wide shape.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Thank you so much for reading to the end.


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