【KUON neighbors】 BLAKES (GHEE)

【KUON neighbors】 BLAKES (GHEE)

Hi it's Shohei.

Today, I'm gonna write about my favorite restaurant in our neighborhood. 

The background music, the brightness of the lighting, the colors of the walls and tables, the natural light coming in through the windows, the scents, the temperature, the atmosphere, and the service all make me feel comfortable.

I don't feel comfortable in stores that are too clean.

A store that is too dirty makes me feel a little uneasy.

I think the comfort level varies from person to person.



This restaurant is located on the second floor of the building in front of this sign on the street.

There used to be a legendary curry shop called "GHEE" in Jingumae. Author Haruki Murakami used to go there, and NIGO® used to work there before he became famous.

After more than 20 years of its history, GHEE closed its doors in 2005.

In 2005, I had just graduated from junior high school, and I spent my days playing baseball at a rural school in Kanagawa.

Naturally, I didn't know anything about GHEE at that time.

Reopening of the restaurant

In 2016, the restaurant reopened in the neighborhood of its original location with renewing its name to "BLAKES".

I also don't know what it was like back then, but I feel that it is definitely a store that represents Harajuku/Jingumae culture.

I was first introduced to the restaurant by a friend who loves curry, but it would be hard for me to find it without him.

Since I started working at KUON, I have had lunch at there whenever I have enough time to eat out. More than three times a week at most.


Instagram posts from BLAKES

These photos were taken by a staff who always welcomes us warmly. All look nice.

The interior and the atmosphere is like a hideaway.
During the daytime, the sunlight gently shines in through this large window makes me very comfortable.


I had everything except the spinach curry, which is only available at night, and all curry were delicious. The hot beef curry is really hot, but it's addictive. It's especially good to eat when you're tired. (It will make you work harder in the afternoon).

When in doubt, you can order two kinds in combination, so please try all kinds.


A pile of records, I really like it.

I guess the height of the pile has gotten higher...they are not just interior decorations, they are always playing pleasant music. When I think "Oh, I like this song!", I secretly check it on Shazam.

At first, I thought the owner might be scary, but he is a very pleasant person. When I dropped by on my way back to the store from buying flowers for the store, he was able to guess the name of the flower! He is also sure about fashion and clothes.

The warm atmosphere of the restaurant reflects the personality of him.

Unfortunately, I always have a short stay for lunch... so when the pandemic settles down, I'll go there for dinner.

Please try it out when you come to KUON Flagship Store.

I highly recommend it.

Thank you, BLAKES, for letting me take pictures of the restaurant.



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