I don't have the right answer.

I don't have the right answer.

Hi, it's Shohei.

I often have the opportunity to have customers who have recently visited our store tell me that they enjoyed having conversation at a clothing store for the first time in a long time. Even though I don't provide special service, I'm happy to hear that they were pleased. I like talking with customers, and I enjoy spending time with them every day.

Our store has getting like Summer since I display T-Shirts and other stuffs that bring some smell of summer. 

It has been about a year since WFH and social distancing become common. I feel like going to clothing store is almost similar to going for travel. Before joining KUON, I did WFH for a while.

When I first started working from home, I had an inappropriate feeling that I was lucky that I neither commuting nor meeting my scary boss because I didn't expect that the situation lasts such a long time.

However, repeated online meetings without physical communications made me so depressed. The only chance I could go out were grocery shopping...and I felt it was like a great journey.


I can't loudly say "Come see me!" but it would be super appreciated if you can stop by at the bench on the alley to our store. 

【Box SAKIORI T-Shirt】 It is available in the store now.

【Gradient Dyed RAYON H/S Open Collar Shirt】

As I mentioned in the last articleI would like you to feel the soft texture of these shirts.

You can enjoy private shopping in the store by appointment. Just trying our products on is welcome. Also any digital communication are available. (Kindly understand I'm not used to do it.) 

I still don't know what is right under the pandemic situation yet.

Thank you!

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