Fall / Winter 2023 -Voice From The Snow-

FW23 -Voice From The Snow- Collection Available on 7.29

Hi this is Shohei.

Have you checked the lookbook of Fall / Winter 2023 -Voices From The Snow-collection?

It would be interesting to know about the concept of the Fall / Winter 2023 -Voices From The Snow-, before checking products.

Today, I would like to let you know the lineup of the 1st drop from the collection that will be available this weekend.  

First drop from the FW23

Arimatsu Shibori Regular Collar ShirtArimatsu Shibori Regular Collar Shirt
Color: White , Black

Arimatsu Shibori Panelled Tee
Arimatsu Shibori Panelled Tee
Color: White , Black

Arimatsu Shibori Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Arimatsu Shibori Long Sleeve T-Shirts
Color: White , Black

Arimatsu Shibori Bucket Hat
Arimatsu Shibori Bucket Hat
Color: Black

Arimatsu Shibori Regular Collar Shirt

As you can tell from the concept, the collection is inspired by snow. The designer used many ways in this collection to present something about snow. You can feel it not only by seeing or touching. I'll give you one example. The sound you hear when you wear "Arimatsu Shibori Regular Collar Shirt" presents the sound when you walk on snow. It must be interesting to seek for these kind of hidden tricks when you have a chance to visit us. 

What's Arimatsu Shibiri?

"Arimatsu" is a name of a town in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture. "Shibori" means "squeeze" or "wring". Can you guess what it is?

Long story short, it is a kind of Japanese traditional tie-dye technic and fabric processed with the technic in Arimatsu town.

I'll introduce the technique in detail later with some photos that have been taken by our designer when he visited the artisan.


Handkerchief for this season

As we have done, free give away handkerchiefs for this collection will be available in limited quantities. 


No need to say, it's Arimatsu Shibori for this season. 

*The handkerchiefs will be given to customers who purchase our products from the FW23 collection over 10,000JPY in KUON Flagship Store. First come, first served.

Look forward to your visit. Thank you!


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