Display in the store

Display in the store

Hi guys, it's Shohei.

Before I tell you about the new display, let me tell you a little about my background. After graduating from a fashion college, I worked in the apparel industry for about 10 years, mainly as a Visual Merchandiser.

In addition, I will briefly explain about Visual Merchandiser. Visual Merchandiser is a job title that coordinates the entire sales floor, taking into inventory, business aspects, and climate, in order to create a place where customers can easily see, select, and buy products.


This time, we had some work done inside the store so that we could hang our products above the hanger racks. By adjusting the lighting, we were able to create a museum-like display. With the freshness of the store, I myself stand in the store with an excited feeling.

Normally, Visual Merchandisers take into inventory and business aspects when creating sales floors. However, at KUON, my main goal is to create a sales floor that will make our customers feel excited when they visit us. It would be happy if I can share this excitement with you guys. Also, I'm sure many of you have liked KUON before me and have been looking at KUON clothes for a long time. So, please let me hear your opinion about the products. It helps me to plan the displays. Changing the display this time has rekindled my passion for Visual Merchandising.



These are corners of the store.

You can feel WABI-SABI atmosphere.

In our daily lives, we are constantly jumbled up with a lot of information that comes in even if we don't want. Sometimes it is important stop thinking about anything, and just look at the clothes, the flowers, and spend some time in a daze. The flowers in the store are regularly changed by Arata according to the seasons.

No matter when you visit us, we are always ready and waiting to make you feel excited, fresh, and comfortable.

Thank you very much for your time.

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