【Tent Cloth Wide Pants】KUONチーム 古江スタイリング

About the sizing of "Tent Cloth Wide Pants" (XS & S)

Hi, it's Shohei.

This article is a kind of a spin off from the "Staff Styling". I would like to show you some styles of Yuki, our videographer with 2 sizes of Tent Cloth Wide Pants because we have had so many inquiries about sizing on the pants.

Size Small in Navy

【Tent Cloth Wide Pants】KUONチーム 古江スタイリング

【Tent Cloth Wide Pants】KUONチーム 古江スタイリング*Yuki is about 162cm (5’4’’). 

He wears them in Small which is a bit looser than his size. If you would prefer really baggy pants, you should go a bit larger size.

Size XS in Olive

【Tent Cloth Wide Pants】KUONチーム 古江スタイリング

【Tent Cloth Wide Pants】KUONチーム 古江スタイリング

Even if you wear the pants in the right size, they still have a roomy shape, however they look smarter than the first ones. 

Which sizing do you like? It would be great if this article helps you to decide the size to purchase.

Thank you!!

Tent Cloth Wide Pants
Color: Olive, Navy
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
Price: ¥22,000 (tax excluded)

You should check this one as well because we don't know when we can reproduce them with vintage fabrics...

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