Don't think. Feel!

Don't think. Feel!

Hi guys, it's Shohei.

It's already March. All items from SS21 collection are available in the store now. Thank you for visiting us especially during the last weekend, I enjoyed having conversation with you guys.


These are Noragi shirkets delivered a few days ago.

Once upon a time, most people in Japan were farmers. Noragi is an ancient Japanese workwear that was simplified for the purpose of protection from injuries and insects, with priority given to functionality as working clothes, suitable for working in the fields, easy to wear and active.


 "SAKIORI Torimmed Noragi"(2101-JK0711) 

We got so many inquiries on them, more than we expected.

The designer, Ishibashi, has updated original Noragi with a three-dimensional pattern that is comfortable and stress-free to wear. It is very uplifting.

The surface of the fabric has been brushed to give it a supple yet firm and elegant look.


However, I felt uncomfortable when I looked at my own coordination objectively.

I felt that this might be not an item for everyone...

However, when I looked at the customers who tried them on, I found that it had a certain atmosphere and was still very cool. It may not be a basic design, but more than that, it may be a dress that silences the wearer. So, I won't go into a long explanation of the clothes this time.

Of course, it is also available online, but I feel that this is a piece of clothing that I want people to choose based on the experience and feeling they have when they try it on, not just because it looked cool in the look book.

Even if you don't normally wear this of clothing, once you try it on, you may be surprised to find that you like it. When you are not in a good mood, try to wear clothes that you would not normally wear. Clothes have the power to cheer you up.

So, please don't hesitate to try on a lot of clothes when you come to our store.

Thank you very much for your time.

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