A timeless collaboration

Hi it's Shohei.

The colors of Tokyo Tower, skyscrapers, and the sky of Tokyo are expressed by "SASHIKO-ORI" in the MON SASHIKO fabric of the Fall/Winter 2021 Collection.

As I have mentioned for many times at several outlets, I am impressed by its three-dimensional and fuzzy look. I see them in the store every day and am impressed every time I see them, so I would like to introduce the MON SASHIKO of this season again.


"SASHIKO" is a traditional handicraft that has been used in Japan for a long time. It is said to have originated in the process of inserting needles into layers of cloth by hand, not only to reinforce clothes and enhance the warmth, but also to decorate them with wishes and prays for protection from evil and prosperity.

SASHIKO-ORI (SASHIKO-WEAVE) is a technique to achieve this "SASHIKO" on a loom machine. In the 1930s, SASHIKO ORI was born in the Folk Craft Movement.


KUON 三和織物

KUON has been working with Mr. Kenichi Ohazama of Miwa Orimono (weaving company) in Fukushima Prefecture to produce SASHIKO-ORI fabrics.

The fourth generation weaver of Miwa Orimono, Kenichi Ohazama, learned weaving techniques from Yoshitaka Yanagi, a textile artist and nephew of Muneyoshi (Soetsu) Yanagi, the founder of the Mingei (folk craft) movement, and established machine-woven SASHIKO. He is the recipient of the Japan Folk Crafts Museum Award in 1979.

Although it is woven by loom machine, the process of weaving while adjusting the loom according to the temperature and humidity is as steady and laborious as handloom. The actual weaving speed is about one meter per hour...the same speed as handloom. As history tells, his fabric can be an art piece.

The color scheme of MON SASHIKO for FW21 Padded Jacket-MON SASHIKO-Padded Jacket-MON SASHIKO-

As I mentioned in the beginning, the color scheme for this season was inspired by the colors of Tokyo Tower, skyscrapers, and the sky. Of course, this is KUON's original color scheme. Ishibashi, the designer, stared at the yarn and the monitor while thinking about it, and Mr. Ohazama brought it to life.


To express the modern landscape by the traditional technic. It is truly a timeless collaboration. It's frustrating that I can't fully convey it with just pictures and words...

You can check the products made with this MON-SASHIKO at here.

Thank you! 

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