Spring-Summer 2023 collection -longing for the ocean- is now on sale!

Spring-Summer 2023 collection -longing for the ocean- is now on sale!

Hi, this is Shohei.

KUON Spring/Summer 2023-longing for the ocean- collection will finally be on sale in stores and online store starting tomorrow.

Have you had a chance to see the LOOK that is already available on our website?

As some of you may have felt from the LOOK, this season's KUON items are relaxed and elegant.

Today, I would like to introduce my favorite items from the 1st delivery items and an in-store event planned in conjunction with the sales of the Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

Hasegawa recommended items】

Kite Series

Kite Sweatshirt

Kite Sweatshirt
Color: Beige , Smoky Lilac , Dark Navy

Kite Shirt

Kite Shirt
Color: Beige , Smoky Lilac , Dark Navy

Kite Tee

Kite Tee
Color: Beige , Smoky Lilac , Dark Navy

At first glance, the Kite series has a simple design.

However, it is produced with a flat pattern like a kimono without the sleeve cuffs.

Unlike western clothes, kimono such as kimonos are created without a three-dimensional effect, so they can be placed neatly on a flat surface when placed on the floor.

While western clothes are created three-dimensionally to hide the silhouette of the body and make the whole look beautiful, kimono such as kimono are patterned on a flat surface, creating the original beautiful silhouette of the human body.

This is where Japan's unique sense of beauty, the essence of harmony, and KUON's character come into play.

Kite Sweatshirt Color: Dark Navy

(Kite Sweatshirt Color: Dark Navy )

Large side pockets are attached to the front and back transition areas, and when you put your hands in them, the garment spreads out like a kite in kite flying. This is the origin of the product name, Kite.

Also, the silhouette is loose and relaxing, but the neck is made to be stuffy, and the fabric has a drape. I felt relaxation and elegance here

Kite Sweatshirt Color: Smoky Lilac

(Kite Sweatshirt Color: Smoky Lilac)

It's easier to see the pockets from the side.

It is functional for putting things in, and you can also enjoy the change in silhouette when you put your hand in it.

The Kite series is an item that feels strangely strange and new when worn. Please feel free to try them on in our stores.

There are many more items we would like to introduce, but we have a lot of events coming up at our directly-managed stores, so we'll go to the events!

 KUON Flagship Store Events

Three events were planned to coincide with the launch of the Spring/Summer 2023 collection

1.Spring/Summer 2023 novelty handkerchief

The first is a handkerchief, a regular item at the start of the season!

As introduced in the previous blog, the fabric is printed with seashells picked up by the designer's daughter on the coast of Iwate Prefecture, the designer's hometown.

The quality is so good that it could be made into a product

Quantities are limited, so don't delay!

Novelty handkerchiefs will be given to customers who purchase 10,000 yen or more at the KUON Flagship Store

2.服福人々Special Postcard

Mr. Sakamoto, the author of the manga "服福人々", who has been a friend of KUON Flagship Store and its designers since they appeared in the manga "服福人々", drew "Saku" and "Mawariya-san", the main characters of "服福人々", for KUON.

Moreover, if you look closely, you can see "Saku" and "Mawariya-san" dressed in KUON's 2023 Spring/Summer collection...

We have turned this extravagant postcard into a luxurious novelty.

A limited number of postcards are also available with Mr. Sakamoto's autograph.

The postcards with his autograph are available in limited quantities, so don't delay!

*The autographed postcards will be given to customers who purchase 10,000 yen or more at the KUON Flagship Store.

And for those of you who live far away, don't worry.

For those who visit our online store, we will enclose postcard, although it will not be signed. You'll have to wait until you open it to see which postcard it contains!

3.Drink ticket present

With the cooperation of two great stores in Jingumae 2-chome, we have decided to offer a drink ticket project.

First of all, let us introduce you to the stores that cooperated with us




ぼっちりや 糀薫

Drink tickets will be given to those who visit KUON with their friends and to those who become friends with other customers at the store. (Quantities are limited.)

Please enjoy looking at clothes like Saku and Mawariya from "服福人々" and then talk with them slowly over coffee or sake afterwards.

You will discover something new when you visit clothing stores with your friends.

The KUON Flagship Store event is the start of the 2023 Spring/Summer Collection.

Thank you

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