Satoshi Kobayashi[TABITOTE management]

Satoshi Kobayashi
[TABITOTE management]

Satoshi Kobayashi[tabitote management]
Jacket: Freemans Sporting Club
haruka kiyohara
Scarf ring:
Shoes: Alden

Satoshi Kobayashi[TABITOTE management]Q: Where are you from?
Hachioji-shi, Tokyo

Q: What do you do?
Web Designer, I manage a web magazine focusing on traveling and handicrafts called "TABITOTE".

Q: What is your important routine?
Brewing coffee every morning and afternoon

Satoshi Kobayashi[TABITOTE management]
Q: What made you to be hooked on "fashion"?
A vintage clothing store that was my favorite made me to drag into fashion

Q: What does fashion mean to you?
I try not to think about it...

Q: What are you into now?
Brewing coffee. It is interesting to see how the taste changes depending on where the beans come from and how they are brewed.

Q: What are your three necessities?Satoshi Kobayashi[TABITOTE management]
1. G-SHOCK(DW-5600) / CASIO
I have been wearing this watch for about 30 years. I have replaced straps for several times but the movement still works well. 

Satoshi Kobayashi[TABITOTE management]
2. Leather scarf ring
I love bandanas and neckerchiefs and have a large collection. I asked Therese, a leather artist, to make this scarf ring for me.

Satoshi Kobayashi[TABITOTE management]
3. "手仕事の日本 (Teshigoto no Nihon)" by Soetsu(Muneyoshi) Yanagi
It covers folk art from all over Japan, and I always take it with me when I travel.

Q: Q: What are your favorite restaurants?
It is not a restaurant, but I often go to a baked goods store called "malco" in Shimoigusa. They don't use eggs, white sugar and dairy products. I prefer their rustic taste.

Q: Could you tell us a bit about KUON items you wear?
When I think of KUON, I think of Boro. It has a strong presence, so it looks good even in a simple outfit.

Q: Anything you would like to share with us?
Please check out an article covering KUON on TABITOTE released today.


Satoshi Kobayashi / 小林 聡
TABITOTE management

Instagram: @tabitote

Web Magazine: TABITOTE 

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