Friend Snap

Friend Snap

HI guys, it's Shohei.

Finally, the season has come! Yes, it's the start of professional baseball!

It's a big event for me, as I spent the entire baseball off-season feeling inadequate. For about six months from now, I turn on the TV first and look for sports news when I get back to my home.

Furthermore, I love baseball so much that watching it is not enough for me, so I started playing baseball with my friends about three years ago. Before the epidemic, we played it once or twice a month. Oh I miss that...

When I see my friends, most of the time we talk about baseball, my messenger is filled with baseball is like a part of my life.

Now that you know that I love baseball so much, let's get down to the main topic. As the title "Friend Snap" says, I had a baseball buddy come to the store a few days ago, and I took some photos of him in KUON clothes.

SAKIORI Diamond Cardigan

He is "Seiya Abe", in charge of PR and buyer at Bay Crew's, PR at Red Wing Shoes. You might have seen him on medias since he has been featured on many medias. Even though we are friends, I admire him for being able to take on so many different works at such a young age.

Here is his glove(for infielders).

Since we are strongly connected by our love of baseball, I introduced his glove as well as himself. While my friends who play baseball with me use simple black gloves, he adopts a stylish look for baseball as well. Baseball must be a part of his life.

The first look above, he is in SAKIORI Diamond Cardigan

The overall styling is black and cool, but the diamond-shaped Sakiori patch on the front makes an impact and gives it a KUON feel. The jersey fabric makes it can be worn until summer.

The second one Half-zip Sweatshirt w/TENT CLOTH. As I mentioned before, it is popular among my friends who is in clothing industry.

He is used to being photographed, and I'm impressed. You can feel the clean and sophisticated atmosphere, so much different from me in that.

Seiya, thank you for coming! Let's play baseball again soon! 

As I said, I really like baseball, and I look forward to talking with you guys about baseball as well as clothing. If you are a fan of a team that I like, it must be great! It would be also great if we can play baseball together someday!

Thank you!


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