Asami & Masaki Yoshikawa [Asami: The first intern of KUON]

Asami & Masaki Yoshikawa [Asami: The first intern of KUON]

Asami & Masaki Yoshikawa [Asami: The first intern of KUON]

Pants: TENT CLOTH Wide Pants(KUON)

Jacket: KUON
Hoodie: gymmaster
Pants: TENT CLOTH Wide Pants(KUON)
Shoes: visvim

Asami & Masaki Yoshikawa [Asami: The first intern of KUON]
Q: Where are you from?
Asami: Tokyo, grew up in Tokyo, Egypt and New Zealand.
Masaki: Tokyo.

Q: What do you do?
Asami: I work as a production manager at an fashion brand.
Masaki: I do planning and sales at a fashion brand.


Q: What made you to be hooked on "fashion"
Asami: When I was in elementary school, there were clothes that were popular among the girls, but I didn't have any and was made fun of. At that time, my father's work took me to live in New Zealand. I became interested in fashion because I learned that people in New Zealand have a completely different taste of color and fashion from people in Japan.

Masaki: Influence of my father and my brother. When I was in the third grade, I used to walk on my knees on gravel to crash my jeans on a way to school.

吉川 昌輝&麻美 夫妻[KUON初代インターン]
Q: What is your important routine?
Doing some stretch before going to bed.
Masaki: To brew coffee before starting to work at office.

Q: Could you tell us a bit about KUON items you wear?
Asami: I like the YOSHINO PLAID fabric since I feel a Japanese tradition, and I also like the dense and stiff touch of the pants that presents vintage military tents.

Masaki: I like the combination of the muscular jacket and SAKIORI. I also like the baggy shape of the pants.


Q: What are your three necessities?
吉川 昌輝&麻美 夫妻[KUON初代インターン]
1. Vintage necklace form Denmark

吉川 昌輝&麻美 夫妻[KUON初代インターン]
2. Vintage bracelet from Mexico
This is what my husband gave me on our anniversary.

吉川 昌輝&麻美 夫妻[KUON初代インターン]
3. Pedicures done by my favorite nail artist.


吉川 昌輝&麻美 夫妻[KUON初代インターン]
1. necklace of Zuni
2.Ring from Natural Instinct × Fabulous Sounds
3.Vintage Ring from Stussy

Q: What is your favorite things to do on your days off?
Asami: To walk early in the morning. I also like to do things that stimulate my creativity, such as going to museums, watching movies, going to the theater, and shopping.
Masaki: To walk early in the morning. Being in the nature refreshes me.

Q: What do you keep in mind when you work?
 To contribute to the company and Japanese manufacturing.
Masaki: How to benefit my company and society. 

Q: How do you switch your mindsets between work and private life?
 Changing clothes. I think about the day when I'm getting dressed and change my mind depending on what I'm wearing.
Masaki: Listen to the music.

吉川 昌輝&麻美 夫妻[KUON初代インターン]

Asami Yoshikawa / 吉川 麻美
The first intern of KUON

Masaki Yoshikawa / 吉川 昌輝 

Instagram: @yoshi_gymmaster

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