Yanagi Sashiko Textiles-刺し子織り

Yanagi Sashiko Textiles-刺し子織り

KUON's Sashiko series made with fabrics from Yanagi Sashiko textiles, a material that today can only be produced at one spot in Japan. Based off of the traditional Sashiko pattern, "persimmon leaves," this product was woven using KUON original fabric.  
Although it is not reversible, the interesting thing about Sashiko textiles is that if you turn it inside out you will see a different design, so please go ahead and compare the inside to the outside. 

1701KCJ【Coach Jacket 】刺し子織り

1701KST【Short-sleeve Shirt 】刺し子織り-White

1701KST【Short-sleeve Shirt 】刺し子織り-Grey

1701KSP【Short Pants 】刺し子織り-White

1701KSP【Short Pants 】刺し子織り-Grey

1701KSC【Sashiko CAP】刺し子織り

1701KSC【Sashiko Hat】刺し子織り

1701KSB【Sashiko Mini Bag】刺し子織り

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