Tacked PK Long Sleeve Shirt

Tucked PK Long Sleeve Shirt

Hi, it's Shohei.

I noticed that I haven't introduced details of Tucked PK Long Sleeve Shirt from KUON Atelier label because it has been sold out so quickly. Now, it is restocked with new color and XL size.

I recommend this shirt because it can be worn for a long time from now.

 Tucked PK Long Sleeve Shirt

Details for large pockets

The first thing that catches your eye when you see this shirt is the four pockets on the front. Even four pockets alone have a strong impact. However, each pocket has tucked/folded details to create a functionality and an unique look.

Tucked PK Long Sleeve Shirt

Thanks to this roominess created by the tucks, you can store a 500ml(17oz) plastic bottle or a novel. You can go out without bags.

Tucked PK Long Sleeve Shirt

Plus, a hidden pocket is in the lower left one.

Tucked PK Long Sleeve Shirt

It comes with a button, and you can securely put keys, cards or phones in the pocket.


You guys like this kind of detail, don't you?


Tucked PK Long Sleeve Shirt

Dense cotton poplin

It has rugged, military-inspired details such as pockets and large buttons, but the dressy cotton fabric makes it look elegant and sophisticated. Its small collar contributes to the elegance as well.

Personally, I would like to wear it instead of long sleeve tees for this season.

Tucked PK Long Sleeve Shirt

It is designed to fit generous, so you can wear it even in mid-summer with rolling the sleeves.

Tucked PK Long Sleeve Shirt

The inverted box pleats on the back create an elegant roominess. Needless to say, the tuck also make you easier to move your arms.

You can feel "Sophisticated casual", one of the key of KUON design.

You can view the product at here.

Last but not least, we are going to release a short sleeve version at WISM this weekend! Look forward to it!


Thank you!


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