Staff styling:【T-shirts】Vol.2

Hi, it's Shohei.

The other day, I sent out a questionnaire randomly among the newsletter subscribers. I am very happy and grateful to have received so many responses. I am very happy and grateful.

Based on your answers and opinions, we will operate our store that will satisfy you, so please look forward to it.

We also received many people's wishes to see KUON clothes in person.

I also want many people to see KUON's clothes in person.

I know it is difficult to go out under this pandemic situation, so we will keep thinking the ways you can feel KUON. Again, thank you very much for your time to answer the survey.

Now, let's move on to the topic.

BOX SAKIORI T-shirt (White)

COTTON POPLIN Wide Military Pants 

I personally avoided lavender colored t-shirts, but when I saw how they were styled, it was cool. I want to copy it. Maybe it's because the color that is elegant but mysterious feel suits Kei.

This time, Kei wore it one size larger than usual. You can also enjoy layering it by wearing it under a T-shirt or shirt. The lavender color will casually peek out from the hem and give you a sexy look.


SAKIORI Patched Denim shirt

BOX SAKIORI T-shirt (Blue Stripe)

Multi Colored ONIBEGIE Wide Shorts(Available via inquiries)

The SAKIORI patches in a same color scheme are used on the denim shirt and T-shirt.

By the way, this color scheme was so popular, and we used it for Placemat as well. The refreshing blue color with gentle brown color is attractive.
The body of the t-shirts introduced here is also filled with the designer's attention to detail, so let me tell you about it.

First up is KUON's original standard shape. The shape of the T-shirts has been repeatedly fine-tuned, but it is set at a width and length that allows it to be worn on its own or as an inner wear.

The shoulders, which slightly drop, are designed to make the shoulder area looks rounded, so that the shoulder line follows the body to create a beautiful silhouette.

The neckline is calculated to give a sense of elegance even to a casual item. T-Shirts are tend to considered casual and rough, but our T-shirts are designed  sophisticated.

Next up is about the fabric.

It is made of a dense and durable cotton jersey. The fabric is washed and tumbled to make it fluffy and more dense. It becomes soft and easy to wear, but still firm and durable, without the stiffness of typical heavy-weight T-shirts.

I have experienced many times when I bought a t-shirt that I liked, but it became saggy and stretched out after wearing just a few times...I really appreciate and love the fact that they are made with the idea of being able to wear them for a long time.

You can also learn about our T-shirts here


Lastly, I have an important notice.

We have set up an account on "LINE", the most popular messenger service. Now, we can communicate easier and more casual.

*Kindly understand that this is an experiment and we reply you in our business hours. 



Thank you!

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