Staff Styling: Short Sleeve Shirts

Staff Styling: Short Sleeve Shirts

Hi, it's Shohei.

It's been about 3 months since our SS21 collection released, but I haven't introduced short sleeve shirts yet. I'm writing about them in hurry because some styles have been sold out... 

Have you guys checked our recent article with this guy, Kei? The article, Instagram post and REELS were very popular, so I asked him to do it again. He usually works at the upstairs of the store as a patternmaker/production manager, and doesn't have many chances to be in the store because he is super busy. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce him to you guys along with his outfits. It must be interesting to know about our team.

Here is the first one.


Embellished Chest Half Sleeve Shirt

The fabric of the shirt is called FANAGE COTTON, it is sundried dense cotton poplin. It has unique texture. The chest part is embellished with embroidery and bias cut FANAGE COTTON fabric. A dressy detail inspired by tuxedo shirt integrated into casual shirt. Interesting balance. It looks good to roll the sleeves up like he does.

He coordinated with COTTON POPLIN Military Pants, similar ones that I own. Mine is in denim, and this one is made of cotton poplin with garment dyeing process. They both look simple, but they color your outfits by their rich textures.

On his days off, he rides his off-road motorcycle and does its maintenance by himself. His rugged lifestyle is expressed in his styling, which is very cool.


Now, the second one.


FLORAL PATCHWORK Half Sleeve Shirt (Available via contact)

COTTON POPLIN Military Pants



This Shirt has been popular in the store and only one left. It is made with patchworked Indian cotton fabric with floral print. No need to say, but it is soft and light, plus has nice texture. It is good for summer in Tokyo that is super humid. The fit is relaxed and it looks good with a long sleeved Tee underneath like he does.

As a side story, the fabric is made by one of our fabric suppliers in Japan. They have been working on a project for more than 10 years in India to create work opportunities other than growing cotton for people in rural area where there are few options to make a living aside from the cultivation of cotton which is harsh. This patchwork fabric was produced as a result of this employment project. It is a sustainable material that uses leftover and deadstock fabrics to reduce environmental impact and improve the overall working environment.


Here is the last one.

BORO Bucket Hat(Available via contact)

WASHI BONDED OPAL Pocket Half Sleeve Open Collar Shirt

DENIM Wide Military Pants


He is in an open collared shirt with a switched fabric chest pocket. The main fabric is LYOCEL fabric that has being considered an eco-friendly fabric. Less harmful to workers and the environment in the production process, and  it can be decomposed naturally.

The pocket part is made from 2 fabrics bonded together. One is an impurity-free washi paper used for shoji screens and made from mulberry trees. The other is a polyester organdy. After bonding them together, an "opal process" is applied to melt a portion of the surface of the WASHI paper, which makes it unique. The pattern is inspired by SAKURA, cherry blossoms. You can look into details on the product's page.

You can feel free to contact us for inquires. I know it is hard to see the uniqueness in the photos.


Going back to introduction of Kei, he joined KUON as a patternmaker about 2 and a half years ago, and now, he is a kind of pivot of KUON who connects production team and sales team. Most of the work goes through him. I recommend you to have conversation with him when you luckily see him in the store. Please keep in mind that he is a little shy.


Last but not least...


Coming soon...


Thank you!

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