KUON 裂き織り

A special SAKIORI fabric

Hi it's Shohei.

I'm excited to announce that we found special SAKIORI!!

As many of you may know, BORO and SAKIORI have been becoming harder and harder to find. And needless to say, they are getting rarer and rarer every year, and the prices have been rising.

Especially SAKIORI, it is super hard to find them in good quality.

BUT, we found a special piece a few days ago.

What is SAKIORI?

KUON 裂き織り

"SAKIORI" is a Japanese traditional technic that revives old rags to new fabrics by ripping and weaving them.

The birth of SAKIORI can be traced back to the middle of the Edo era. In the 17th century, used cotton cloth began to available in the Tohoku region, where only linen cloth had been available until then. Even though they were used, the pleasant feeling of cotton cloth attracted many people.

It is also said that the "SAKIORI" was born in order to use cotton for a long time, because cotton was not cheap even if it was used.

KUON 裂き織り

1. The used cotton fabrics, mostly scraps that they acquired are sewn together to make kimonos or beddings. When they deteriorate, scraps are added again.

2. When the clothes made in the process 1 got damaged or broken, the seams are pulled out and torn into strings, then woven with hemp thread to make "SAKIORI" fabrics for place mats, rugs or beddings.

3. When the SAKIORI fabrics damaged as they cannot be repaired, people torn the fabric again and braid them into strings to use them for tying firewoods.

It's hard to believe in this day and age when we are overwhelmed with things, but people in those days took good care of things and extended the life of things by repairing or rebuilding them for new uses. 

SAKIORI was born from such daily activities just like BORO and SASHIKO.

By splicing together the few available fabrics while considering the color scheme, people can make their daily lives a little more colorful. People in those days were poor, but they used the power of design to make their daily lives a little richer.

We can catch a glimpse of the traditional Japanese sense of beauty in the activities of these people.

This kind of Japanese mentality and esthetics lead the birth of KUON.


KUON 裂き織り

Some items made with vintage SAKIORI have been lined up in KUON collections.

KUON 裂き織り
KUON 裂き織り


However, it has been getting harder to use vintage SAKIORI with the reasons mentioned above...

Instead of vintages, we have started to produce our own SAKIORI with SAKKORA Japan. They support disabled people by weaving SAKIORI.

KUON 裂き織り

Special SAKIORI we found

KUON 裂き織り

The SAKIORI we got this time is from the Taisho era to the early Showa era. It comes from a cold area in Iwate. This large piece of SAKIORI fabric was used as a rug to protect people from the cold.

It is very rare to find large SAKIORI fabrics, but the fabric we got this time is even more special. The blue parts that can be seen in some parts are dyed with indigo. It seems that SAKIORI using this indigo-dyed fabric is hard to find, so it is really a rare gem.

Personal order available

The size, color, and condition of this SAKIORI are all perfect, and it can be used for any item.

As we have just finished delivering the vintage SAKIORI items ordered by our stockists, the fabric is available for the made-to-order service at KUON Flagship Store. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Since the fabric is available for only one person, first comes first served.

Thank you!

About made-to-order service


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