Snowflakes are flowers

Snowflakes are flowers

Hi this is Shohei.

First of all, we appreciate you to come to our 3rd anniversary event. We enjoyed chatting with you, and we believe that you enjoyed the event, too.

Again, thank you for your support! We'll keep doing our best to make the store more attractive!

Now let's move on to introducing new arrivals.

Snowflake embroidery


-Watching snowflakes on my ski gloves grow and melt.

It's from a sentence from the FW23 collection theme. Snow and snowflakes are one of the most important design inspiration for the collection. 

Snow is cold. However, snowflakes made with embroidery like stitching have a sense of warmth. Warm snowflakes.

Some customers who have seen the lookbook in advance are impressed at the store, saying, "I thought they were prints."


No two snowflakes have the same pattern. We devised a pattern based on the "雪華図鑑-Sekka-Zukan" to see what kind of pattern would be best for this collection.

Snowflakes have long been recognized as a "Sekka" pattern, a pattern that was popular among common people in the Edo period (1603-1867) and was used on kimonos and household goods. "Sekka" means "flowers of snow" in Japanese.

We can also sense the undercurrent of a traditional aesthetic sense that regarded and enjoyed snowflakes, which are ephemeral and disappear in an instant, as flowers.


This is a screenshot from my blog released on Octotober 17, 2021. 

While writing this blog, I remembered that I have written about snowflakes before. I wrote about KUON's logo on that blog, and today's blog can pay off the foreshadowing.


↑Sashiko artwork done by artisans at Otsuchi Sashiko

Snowflake embroidery

↑A close-up of the snowflake embroidery

Don't you find similarities between those two?

Track Suits

Track Jacket -Snowflake embroidery-

Track Pants -Snowflake embroidery-

Available in Beige and Dark Navy.

Track Jacket -Snowflake embroidery-

Track Jacket -Snowflake embroidery-

↑Me in Dark Navy ones. 

Sorry, you can't see overall details since I wear the vest that I have been waiting for...

However, I noticed that the collar is made at just the right height so that it doesn't get in the way when worn as an inner layer, and I think the snow pattern on the sleeves, which can be seen when layered, looks stylish and nice. So, I guess it's okay without overall details...


Don't worry. You can see details in the photos of me in a different version of the track suits that are trimmed with Upcycled Boro Type02 below. 


I remember that the tracksuits I wore in my school days were made of a fabric that was quite soft and swaying, easy to move.

The fabric used for KUON is a dense cotton/poly fabric that is less-shiny and elegant, yet has a bounce making it a mature jersey fabric.

Of course, it is also resistant to washing and has elasticity, which is not inferior to the original functional aspect of tracksuits. Please read more about it on the product page.



The waist is elasticized and the jersey fabric is stretchy, but like the track jacket, the fabric is blended with a classy cotton fabric, has a slacks-like beauty. 

Of course, the shape/proportion is well-considered to make them look smart and classy.

I really recommend these classy tracksuit.


Thank you!


・Track Jacket-Snowflake embroidery-

・Track Pants-Snowflake embroidery-



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