Hi it's Shohei.

As I mentioned earlier, some items are back in stock. I personally have been looking forward to this restock. 

Now, the baseball season for me has ended which means one less thing for me to look forward to in my daily life. (Can't wait to the next season!!) BTW, congrats on honoring the American League MVP, Ohtani-san!! (He is also Shohei!) 

This restock filled the hole in my heart.



These baseball caps are made with UPCYCLED BORO TYPE02 that can be a modern version of BORO. I purchased the Navy one first as the black one was sold out when I joined KUON. Now, I finally get the black one, too!

The fabrics used for the patchworks were to be wasted. We asked our cooperated factories to collect the fabric fragments, and patchwork them into a fabric that can be used again. We believe that ancient Japanese people would never wasted them because of Japanese spirit called "Mottainai". We just updated the BORO method to be compatible with the modern production process.

Nowadays, things are overflowing, and mass production and disposability are still in the mainstream. As I wrote in this blog about SAKIORI, I am fascinated to think that the thoughts of the people in the past who cherished things have been passed on.


It's a casual cap, but I like it because it has a certain elegance to it. The short brim makes your face look neat and clean, and the low profile gives you an elegance and sense of relaxation without looking childish.

Cap: BORO 6PANEL Cap(Black)
Outer: Sukajan w/BORO Sleeve
Pants: UPCYCLED BORO TYPE02 Slim Pants

Coordination of items made with the patchwork fabric. The jet-black dyed patchwork is elegant and cool.

The edges of the fabric will unravel and the speed of fading will vary depending on the parts, so aging must be more fun than navy.


The steer leather used for the adjuster is tough yet soft. You can enjoy the aging as the leather easily adapts oil. The antique-like metal parts  are made of brass and can also be aged. It's a small detail, but I like it.


When you look at the photos, you can clearly see the differences in the patchwork. The way of the stitching, the color, and the way the fabric is frayed... I enjoy spending a lot of time with customers wondering, "Which one is the best?" I always ask them who have made a selection at the store, "What was the deciding factor?. Most of them say, "It's just a feeling" or "Just because."

I've written a lot about them so far, but they are "kind of good" items, so please come and see them.

The items introduced here can be purchased below.


Thank you!

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