Relaxed but sophisticated shirts

Relaxed but sophisticated shirts

Hi guys, it's Shohei.

It's getting hot and it makes me want to drink beer at the beach, have a BBQ, or drink beer at the baseball field...

But it looks like it's not going to happen again this year.

But since it's summer, I want to feel summer, so I'm going to enjoy feeling summer in clothes.
(I feel like I've been saying this since the beginning of this year.)

Now, I'd like to introduce you to "THE summer" shirts that are now available in the store.

【Gradient Dyed RAYON H/S Open Collar Shirt】(Blue/Green)



The shirts, which are inspired by "Obi" the kimono belt, went through a very laborious process before they arrive at the store.



They are manually dyed in gradient on both side.

It may be hard to imagine dyeing by hand, but if you hold the fabric by hand and dip a part of the fabric into the dyeing liquid, the fabric absorbs the dyeing liquid little by little and is dyed with a gradation-like finish.

This dyeing method was originally invented for dyeing "Obi". Ancient Japanese people liked to show differences on details of their clothes based on the Japanese unique aesthetic, called "Wabi-Sabi".

As you can see, they are dyed in 2 colors, it take 2 times to dye one shirt.

When I heard that it is dyed by hand, I had no idea...but now I know what it is and understand how much process it took. 



The fine unevenness seen on the surface of this fabric is expressed by a weaving technique called Chirimen (crepe).
By applying a strong twist to the yarn, the twisted yarn is forced to return to its original state, resulting in the uneven surface of the fabric. This weaving method was used for luxury kimono in the past.

Thanks to the fine bumps, the area that touches the skin is small, making it comfortable to wear even in the sweaty summer.

In addition, the rayon yarn gives it a soft and fluffy texture, which makes you feel relaxed and loose when swaying in the breeze.


 【Gradient Dyed RAYON H/S Open Collar Shirt】(Yellow/Gray)


Open collared shirts remind me of summer, beach and resort. 

However, these shirt are designed to be sophisticated by making the point of the collar a bit higher than general open collar shirts.

Devils in the details.


 【Gradient Dyed RAYON H/S Open Collar Shirt】(Orange/Brown)


It is hard for me to decide which color to buy...

Lastly, here is a video that captures the production process of these shirts. 

It is not special for people usually do this kind of works like Ishibashi and Kei, but it is so interesting for me.

Thank you!


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