PLASTIC PAPER Pocket Band Collar Shirt

【PLASTIC PAPER Pocket Band Collar Shirt】FALL/WINTER 2021

Hi, it's Shohei.

It was my first time to see the FW21 collection and the look-book when its wholesale market was taken place in February 2021. I was like "This is cool! that one is also nice! I want this and that!! The patchwork made from vintage silk kimono is amazing..." I felt as if my brain stopped working. 

Modernized Japanese traditional technics...It is hard to explain, but I have been excited to have the collection in the store since that time.

You can check the look-book and the concept for the collection at here.

Today, I would like to write about the PLASTIC PAPER Pocket Band Collar Shirt.

PLASTIC PAPER Pocket Band Collar Shirt

PLASTIC PAPER Pocket Band Collar Shirt

PLASTIC PAPER Pocket Band Collar Shirt


The image from the look-book

I love this photo so much! Have you noticed the Nishiki-Goi(Colored carps)?

The coordination is the reason I selected the shirt for the first item from the FW21 collection to write about. The shirt is worn underneath the Regular Collar Shirt -CROSS SASHIKO-. A shirt-on-shirt coordination with a tonal color. I feel wabi-sabi aesthetic from the look. The main fabric of the shirt is SUPIMA dense cotton poplin and it has both softness and suppleness. 

Details of the shirt

Let's move onto the details along photos.

PLASTIC PAPER Pocket Band Collar Shirt

The collar is band style as its name. 

PLASTIC PAPER Pocket Band Collar Shirt

It is better to show a model wearing photo. You can see how the collar is beautifully shaped. The size of the neckband is made a bit relaxed but it fits well.


And,  the pocket is switched to a "plastic paper". (The color in the photo is different from the actual product to emphasize the difference of the materials.)

The material is invented by Washi, Japanese traditional paper producer in Yamanashi prefecture that has been producing and improving Washi paper for more than 1000 years. This paper material is made with a traditional Washi paper producing process with polyester(70% of it is recycled from PET).

When new, it has a smooth and a kind of inorganic look, but with wear and washing, wrinkles and fluffing like Japanese paper appear, and you can enjoy the contrast with the elegant SUPIMA cotton poplin fabric.

PLASTIC PAPER Pocket Band Collar Shirt is an item that expresses Japaneseness and wabi-sabi from a different angle than the usual BORO, SAKIORI and SASHIKO. Plus, it is finished in a way that you can fully feel Ishibashi's skills backed by his experience as a tailor.

I would like to recommend this product to those who, like me, tend to buy KUON's all-over patterned items. This shirt must help you to decide the coordination easier.

Thank you!

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