L/S T-shirts Collection

L/S T-shirts Collection

Hi guys, it's Shohei. 

Today, under the title of "L/S T-Shirt Collection", I'd like to introduce you to a selection of long sleeves T-shirts that are just in season.

When I was going through the inventory, I thought, "It's a shame to leave something so cool hidden." and that's what prompted me to write this blog. Of course, these are available in the store now.

Since I have a broken shoulder, and can't take my clothes on and off freely, I asked my coworkers to cooperate a shooting. Here are some images taken with the full cooperation of them.

ICHIMATSU Trimmed Long Sleeve T-shirt
 ICHIMATSU Trimmed Long Sleeve T-shirt YLW

The coordinated shorts are "Multi Colored ONIBEGIE Shorts". Please drop us a line for inquires since they are not available online. 

ICHIMATSU Trimmed Long Sleeve T-shirt
 ICHIMATSU Trimmed Long Sleeve T-shirt PNK

The ”ICHIMATSU", checkered fabric on the sleeves gives this long sleeves tee a great visual impact. The hat is "WASHI GROSGRAIN Bucket Hat", arranged "BORO Device Strap" as a strap for glasses, and the shorts are "WASHI/COTTON CREPE 3/4 Length Shorts"(These are available via inquiries as well.)

ICHIMATSU Trimmed Long Sleeve T-shirt

The updated design of the traditional technique that KUON is known for is incorporated into a 80's skater-like style, which is really cool. The checker flag pattern is replaced with ICHIMATSU fabric, which gives it an elegant look. (We haven't used ICHIMATSU fabric for a while since it is too popular in Japan now because of "Damon Slayer" movie...)

As for the silhouette, it is a little roomy, but the looseness is exquisite, and in addition, the length is set short, so it is not "loose", but gives a "generous" and  "relaxed" feeling.

The simple cut and sewn garments that are closest to the skin are the ones that emphasize the lines of the body and the clothes, so patternmaking that make the body look beautiful are more important than I thought.


The body is washed and tumbled for softness and lightness, making it very comfortable to wear. The neckline is made to be durable, hard to be slacked after washing.

I personally love vintage t-shirts with sagging necks because they have a cool atmosphere. However, I don't like to see it deteriorate from the shape that I liked when I first saw it, so I appreciate the durability of the neckline.

Incidentally, derived from this "ICHIMATSU x skateboarder" idea, items with the characteristic fabric used in each season on the sleeves are now being released as a standard line-up.

SASHIKO TATTERSALL Trimmed Long Sleeve T-Shirt

SASHIKO TATTERSALL Trimmed Long Sleeve T-Shirt

SASHIKO TATTERSALL fabric is sewn on sleeves. The blue threads are indigo dyed partly deep and light.

SASHIKO TATTERSALL Trimmed Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The patchworked floral bucket hat is also available via inquiries, and the pants I also purchased is "DENIM Wide Military Pants".

This fabric was released with a video.


Finally, here is the one released for Spring/Summer 2021, the latest collection.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt w/CROSS SASHIKO trim
「Long Sleeve T-Shirt w/CROSS SASHIKO trim」

The sleeve stripes are made of "CROSS SASHIKO" fabric with fresh green stitching threads, which is very spring and summer-like.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt w/CROSS SASHIKO trim

"BORO Bucket Hat"(Available via inquiries), "BORO Wide Shorts" and arranged "BORO Device Strap" as a necklace. The charm part looks a ring, but it is a thimble...he is a patternmaker!

There are some products that I haven't introduced, but it is all for today because it might be too long. You can check them on our InstagramStore and E-store.


KUON L/S T-shirts

It would be great if it is interesting to see the different personalities of the different wearers. More than that, it was a fun shoot. I thought it would be good to do more shoots like this in the future. Having a broken bone brought me a new discovery. However, I sincerely apologize to everyone for the inconvenience. (I appreciate the kindness of our dearest customers who visited me last weekend.)

Thank you!

P.S. You can also read an article about another L/S T-shirt here.
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