Kinchaku Pouches: The first drop from FW21 of KUON Atelier

Kinchaku Pouches: The first drop from FW21 of KUON Atelier

Hi it's Shohei.

Thank you for visiting us on the launch of the FW21 collection. It was so fun to have so many people in the store.

Now, we have another new release today.


The first drop from FW21 of KUON Atelier.


SASHIKO Kinchaku Pouches

Kinchaku Pouch-MON SASHIKO

Kinchaku Pouch-MON SASHIKO-

The first one I introduce is made of MON-SASHIKO. Its color scheme is inspired by the sky of Tokyo.

It is impossible to show you the visual impact through photos...but I'm sure you'll be surprised to see the moire effect the SASHIKO creates. It is like rare cards from Yu-Gi-Oh.

I promise it will be a accent of your coordination because it has so strong visual impact.

Kinchaku Pouch-CROSS SASHIKO-

Kinchaku Pouch-CROSS SASHIKO-

The fabric is dense double woven SASHIKO fabric with 2 ply 40 count yarn on warp and 20 count single yarn on weft.

No need to say, the fabric is tough. And, thicker yarns in SASHIKO part bring an unique three-dimensional surface.

It is difficult to do Sashiko-ori(Woven Sashiko, not a hand stitch) with a modern shuttle loom, but it was achieved by reducing the speed of the loom to a state close to that of hand weaving, and by the craftsmen's constant attention to detail and care.

It does not have the same impact as Mon Sashiko, but I feel it is a design that is austere and easy to carry around.


DetailsKinchaku Pouch-CROSS SASHIKO-

In order to achieve a beautiful rounded shape, the bottom part is designed to be round. This may sound simple, but it is actually a difficult detail to sew. Because it is a simple item, it is made with great care in the pattern work.

Kinchaku Pouch-MON SASHIKO-

 Eyelets for toughbness.

Kinchaku Pouch-MON SASHIKO-

And there are loops...for what??

Kinchaku Pouch-CROSS SASHIKO-

Kinchaku Pouch-MON SASHIKO-You can connect VINTAGE BORO Device Strap to transform it into shoulder bag.

This minor detail expands the usage of the strap.

Last but not least, as we informed before, we will be closed from Monday, August 2 to Friday the 6th for having a wholesale market for SS22 collection. 

We look forward to your visit on this weekend.

Thank you! 

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