Kimono Collar Shirt

Kimono Collar Shirt -Zen minimalism-

Hi it's Shohei.

As announced, the FW22 collection has arrived at our store a few days ago. Today, I picked up a new style to introduce to you. There are many strong items, yet what I selected is... 

A shirt represents "Zen minimalism"

Kimono Collar Shirt

Kimono Collar Shirt
Color: Sand, Black

As the style name shows, the collar is inspired by Japanese "Kimono". It adds Oriental flavor to the simple, minimal shirt. It must be good to wear it as a shirt, but also good to wear it like a light jacket. 

There are many strong styles in the FW22 collection, and this shirt can be looked simple. However, from a certain point of view, this one may have the strongest power of design. 

"Kimono Collar" 

Kimono Collar Shirt

Can you see that the each front part of this collar is consist of 1 piece of fabric and 1 stitch? Quite simple. It means that it is super hard to make it functional and beautiful. Can you see the stitches finely sewn? 

It is designed to have some room between back of the neck and collar as Kimonos do. It also brings a feeling of jackets not shirts. 

Other details

Kimono Collar Shirt

Sleeve parts are designed to be regular shirts, 2 pleats on cuffs. The hem are squared and slits on side.

Fabric -Washed dense cotton poplin-

Cotton poplin

The fabric is a high-quality cotton poplin fabric with excellent tenseness and stiffness. We call it "Typewriter cloth" in Japan because the texture is similar to ribbon for typewriter. The high-density and uniform surface is washed to add a natural texture.

As long as I know, this is the first solid item in black color among KUON collections. 


I believe you can feel "ZEN" mind from not only the look but also the construction. Take a look and try it on!

As for the Kimono collar, it is adapted to the SASHIKO Trimmed Kimono Collar Jacket, too. 


Thank you!

Learn more about the FW22 collection, check the LOOK page out.

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