KUON ギフトコレクション

Holiday Collection 2022

Hi, this is Shohei.

It's already holiday season...We have prepared some items that suit this holiday season. It's good to buy them for yourself, also good for gift to your loved ones. I'll introduce the first one today.

AIZOME Leather Wallet produced by "com-ono"

This is based on their TINY-002 type, which was developed under the theme of "to be able to store bills without folding".

As some of you may have noticed, KUON's indigo-dyed leather is used.
You can enjoy not only the gradation-like unevenness of color that only natural dyeing can produce, but also the aging effect of leather.

BORO transferred fabric is used on the lining. 
It expresses Japanese ”Iki" mind that focuses on places that cannot be seen. All pieces have different Boro patterns, and you can select your favorite one only at our flagship store in Tokyo. 

com-ono's wallets are designed and made in a simplified, minimalist manner, but the capacity of the card has been further minimized. (5 or 6 cards can be stored).

If you want to spend your daily life in a simple way, please give it a try.


"Simplicity is ultimate sophistication."
The pursuit of functionality in mini wallets has led to the birth of a new leather brand, "com-ono" from Asakusa, Japan.

Today, there are many choices and we are inundated with a variety of things. Therefore, com-ono proposes "SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE". We believe that we can lead a richer life by choosing what we really need in our daily life. 

Large wallets have a lot of storage capacity, and it is inevitable that the contents will increase. If you choose to carry a minimal wallet every day, you will be able to organize unnecessary cards, and you will be able to organize receipts and other documents more frequently.

Furthermore, if you only carry the cards you need, you will spend less time looking for them. Wallets are essential to our daily lives. If you reduce the size of your wallet, your baggage becomes smaller, you can be more active, and have more meaningful time.

AIZOME Leather Wallet



*Will be available on Nov. 26

An updated version of the last season's popular insulated scarf with snap fasteners.

This special scarf is made of indigo-dyed nylon with a warm look that is unlike nylon, and is hand stitched with a traditional Japanese "Kagonome" pattern by mothers of Otsuchi Sashiko Project with Sashiko technic.

Thermal storage fabric used for lining.

We have prepared gift box this year.

KUON ギフトコレクション
Inquiries for the gift box, contact us.
Thank you!
AIZOME Leather Wallet
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