KUON version of Hawaiian Shirts

KUON version of Hawaiian Shirts

Hi, it's Shohei.

It's been about a month since I broke my shoulder, now I can change my clothes by myself. But, I choose clothes easy to wear because I still cannot raise my right arm.

I hope it recovers soon.


Anyways, I would like to introduce shirts that I would like to wear this summer.

【SAKIORI Hawaiian Shirt】

Hawaiian shirts have been popular in Hawaii for more than 100 years and are said to have originated from Japanese kimono.

There are many theories, but I am fascinated by the theory that Hawaiians were attracted by the beauty of Japanese kimonos, and the open-collared shirts made by reusing fabrics from worn-out Japanese kimonos and yukata became popular and have been loved to this day. I am fascinated by this theory.

The spirit of the people in the past who cherished things is still important today, and I feel it is in line with the philosophy of KUON.

There is no doubt that Japanese people and Japanese culture are deeply involved in the birth of the Hawaiian shirt.


Ok, here are the wearing photos.

Inspired by the theme of the 2021 Spring/Summer Collection, "花鳥風月-Kachofugetsu-", the fundamental beauty of nature, the color scheme of the Sakiori was developed for this collection, and it is reproduced by ultra-high definition inkjet printing.

From a distance, it reminds me of the stripe patterned open-collared shirts of the 1960s in the US.

Closer look,


 As you can see, the print is powerful and realistic.

Actually, this realistic print is the result of the designer's persistence and the craftsman's skill.

Rayon has low color reproducibility in printing, and it is not possible to reproduce beautiful colors.

On the other hand, if cotton is used in preference to color, the appeal of aloha shirts, such as coolness, softness, and lightness, will be lost.

Then it is just a printed shirt.

It may look good, but it is not what we want for this shirt.


Aloha shirt-ness and beautiful print.

This dilemma...

In pursuit of a satisfactory finish, we repeated the prototypes over and over again.


The answer lies in the rayon cotton fabric.

By keeping the warp yarn in rayon and using cotton for the weft yarn, we were able to achieve both Hawaiian shirt-ness and good color.

This is the result of the craftsman's skills and the designer's persistence in the same direction.


Incidentally, this t-shirt has a detail that takes advantage of the high quality of the print.

【SAKIORI Switched T-Shirt】


Did you see it?


The real Sakiori and the printed Sakiori are switched.

It's hard to tell the difference between real SAKIORI and printed SAKIORI, isn't it?

Please take a look at it in the store.


Also, rayon fabric has the disadvantage of shrinking when washed in water.
However, this shirt has already been washed in water, so there is no need to worry about shrinkage even if you wash it at home. It is easy to care for and wear on a daily basis.

That's the point.

I can feel the designer's love and desire for you to wear this shirt without stress.



Perfectly matched the patterns!

Front part, pocket and symmetric patterned sleeves.

This beautiful stripe pattern has been created with a lot of calculation. The factory did a great job.


And so far, I have written about the particulars of the fabric. Finally, please take a look at the pattern work done based on the designer's experience and skills as a pattern maker.


As you can easily see from the picture of me wearing it, there is a twist in the relaxed look. By making the sword tip of the collar higher and smaller, it looks more sophisticated.


Back style.

The natural roundness of the shoulders and the lengthening of the back of the body compared to the front make it look more stylish and elegant.

The shirts are made of carefully selected fabrics, and the designers have put a lot of their experience and skills into them.

The shirts are made with a lot of time and effort, which makes them look even more adorable. For the designer, Ishibashi, the clothes he makes are like children, and it is a mystery to me whether he feels that they have become a full-fledged person when they are in the hands of other people, but I can feel the love he puts into all his clothes when I talk to him.

I'd be happy if you read this blog and became curious about the shirts and want to see them in person.

However, under the pandemic situation, if you are not comfortable coming to the store, I can show you the details of the shirt online via Zoom, FaceTime and whatever.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to do so.

While writing this article, it reminds me of a shirt I bought long time ago.
(Where did I put it...)

Thank you!


Check the SAKIORI Hawaiian shirt


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