Gentleman's staple

Gentleman's staple

Hi, this is Shohei.

I first became aware of KUON when I happened to see a photo from the Fall/Winter 2017 collection on Instagram. I was like "Wow, this is a cool brand!", and started to be interested in the brand.


↑This is the photo I found.

I was working for another apparel company at the time, and my mindset was to "make a lot of products at a low price and sell a lot of them."

However, when I looked into KUON, I found that they did opposite. What they produced were "Boro", "Sakiori" and "Sashiko" which are "not something can be mass-produced, and they are expensive".

It was so shocking to me...

Instead of keeping such expensive items on display, they were incorporated into clothes that could be worn and enjoyed as fashion items... I remember that the more I learned about them, the more I became a fan. A few years later, I joined KUON. 

Since that, I wore so many KUON clothes.

KUON トワル
Not only products but also samples and test garments. 

The designer checks the test sample, and if there is anything that is of concern, the next morning there is a revised test sample, another try-on, another revision, and the process repeats itself.

By trying on those test products and revised ones, I experienced the very essence of "manufacturing that focuses on one millimeter."


The first time I got to know KUON was when I saw a Boro Blazer on Instagram.

I still feel the same way, but now that I have worn many of KUON's clothes, what I want to share with you is the "something good" that I feel every time I wear them.

I'm sorry for the long preamble, but I would like to introduce one of gentleman's standard items from the 2023 Autumn/Winter collection.

Oxford Button Down Shirt

Supima Cotton Oxford Button Down Shirt
【Supima Cotton Oxford Button Down Shirt】
Color: White, Sax

To be honest, the fact that KUON releases these kind of basic clothes is fresh to me. 

It is a simple, standard item that cannot be fooled. And because it is the shirt closest to the skin, we want you to choose a well-made shirt that is carefully crafted.

It is with this in mind that I would like you to try KUON's oxford button-down shirts.


It acts a reliable supporting role that complements your coordinates.

Supima Cotton Oxford Button Down Shirt
Supima Cotton Oxford Button Down Shirt

Although inconspicuous, there are fine pleats on the back and cuffs.

Supima Cotton Oxford Button Down Shirt

I believe that you'll wear it everyday once you get one.

Thank you!

Supima Cotton Oxford Button Down Shirt

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