Crinkled Nylon Fabric that Resembles "Chirimen" Japanese Crepe Fabric

Hi, this is Shohei.

When you think of nylon fabric, what kind of texture comes up in your mind? It's like shiny and smooth, isn't it?

For me, a wrinkled texture comes up in my mind. I know it's unusual, but KUON's Salt Shrunk Nylon changed my impression of nylon fabrics. 

Today, I would like to dig the Salt Shrunk Nylon fabric deeper.

Texture of Nylon fabric


The above photo may be close to your impression of Nylon fabric. Before knowing the Salt Shrunk Nylon, it was the one for me.

Nylon fabric is a versatile fabric that is used for everything from clothing to bags because it is resistant to friction, durable, lightweight, and easy to take care.

Let's take a look at KUON's Salt Shrunk Nylon, which is a wrinkled version of such versatile fabric.

Salt Shrunk Nylon


As I have written many times, but this is the "nylon" in my mind now.

KUON calls this wrinkled nylon fabric, which has the similar appearance of Japanese paper or Japanese crepe fabric for Kimono, "salt shrunk nylon".

A brief explanation of this fabric is as follows;

Nylon fibers are swollen with a special chemical like caustic soda (Sodium hydroxide) to increase the volume of the fibers, shrinking the fabric and giving it a tight texture. The fabric is then rubbed to create an uneven surface. The rubbing gives the fabric a fluffy feel and a soft texture, which is rare in nylon fabrics.

In short, it is a nylon fabric processed by shrinking and rubbing with a special technique to make the surface uneven.

Mesh Lined Salt Shurunk Nylon Coat

Mesh Lined Salt Shurunk Nylon Coat

Salt-shrunk nylon fabrics are tougher than regular nylon because of the shrinkage and tightening of the grain, and they also have improved wind resistance and water repellency. Plus, the uneven surface reduces the area that touches the skin and does not stick to the skin. So products made of this fabric is useful in the rainy season. I wore a salt shrink nylon coat when it snowed in Tokyo the other day.

Salt Shurunk Nylon Coaches Jacket-Sakiori-

Salt Shurunk Nylon Coaches Jacket-Sakiori-

In addition, nylon fabrics usually wrinkle easily and are difficult to remove. If it is wrinkled by salt shrinking process in the first place, you can wear them without worrying about wrinkles and put them n your bag everyday.

Fusion of Tradition and Chemistry

Simply making nylon look like Japanese crepe or Japanese paper is interesting, but that is not all. KUON integrates traditional technics into this modern fabric achieved by Chemistry.

Salt Shurunk Nylon Coaches Jacket-Sakiori-

Salt Shurunk Nylon Coaches Jacket-Sakiori-


Salt Shurunk Nylon Shorts-Boro-

Salt Shurunk Nylon Shorts-Boro- (Available early March)



The fusion of traditional Sakiori weaving and Boro, born of the old people's mentality of cherishing things, and fabrics created by modern chemical technology. The unexpectedness of combining two opposites is interesting, and above all, it works because it is cool.

Please take a look and touch the unique wrinkled nylon.

Thank you!


Products made of Salt Shrunk Nylon

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