"Corduroy" and "Wool Flannel" Tucked PK L/S Shirts

"Corduroy" and "Wool Flannel" Tucked PK L/S Shirts

Hi, it's Shohei.

As I mentioned, I would like to introduce Corduroy and Wool Flannel Tucked PK Shirts today.

【New Arrival】 Tucked PK L/S Shirt


CORDUROY Tucked PK L/S Shirt


I guess some of you are familiar with the style. 

That's right. Tucked PK L/S Shirt that was made for the launch of the Tent Pants in March 2021, and since it was so popular, the fabric has been updated to Corduroy and Wool for Fall/Winter.

For details, refer to this article. I'll focus on the fabrics this time.


It is made of fine wale corduroy with a glossy and elegant luster. This corduroy is fluffed and air tumbled to rub out the fibers and give it a soft and fluffy texture. This natural fluffy texture adds warmth to the fabric, making it both comfortable to wear and warm.

You can see white sheens on the surface. This sheens lighten the dark tone of the navy, so it lightens a winter outfit that tends to be dark.

I like this look. The overall styling is earthy in color, but the fabric gives a sense of lightness as you can see the movement in the way the shirt fabric wrinkles and the way the air flaps around. And the luster of the fabric gives an elegant impression.

Wool Flannel

This wool is proudly produced in Bishu Region(Aichi Prefecture). Surrounded by the natural environment of the Kiso River basin, Bishu has been a place where textile production has been thriving since ancient times, and there were already traces of textile production in the Nara era which is about 1000 years ago.

The fabric is woven with a higher density especially in warp than usual wool flannel. It brings moderate luster and bounce, and feels good on the skin.

This is a military-like shirt, but it has elegant atmosphere even more than corduroy fabric. Both corduroy and wool can be worn alone as a shirt, but they can also be worn as outerwear with a shirt or Tee as an inner layer, expanding the range of styling.

I can't choose one over the other.

Thank you! 

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