ONIBEGIE 2-Way Tuck Pants

The pants I wear most often

Hi it's Shohei.

Since the start of the 2022 Spring/Summer collection, I have introduced the raincoat and the hoodie, both of which were actually items that I personally ordered at the exhibition.

And now, I would like to introduce a pair of pants that I personally ordered at the exhibition as well, and I often wear them recently.

They are very popular and sizes are now limited... but I hope you will stay with us until the end, as they are the pants that were newly designed and created this season, and the designer said that he had a "flash of inspiration".

So, let's get to it!

ONIBEGIE 2-Way Tuck Pants

ONIBEGIE 2-Way Tuck Pants

ONIBEGIE 2-Way Tuck Pants
Color: Walnut, Indigo
※Not on the e-store.

ONIBEGIE 2-Way Tuck Pants, as the name presents, are tuck pants that can be worn two ways with ONIBEGIE fabric. We are sure you can tell that these are great value pants with a lot of care put into them.

Now, let's look closer.

Light and crisp

ONIBEGIE 2-Way Tuck Pants

The warm navy color is dyed with natural indigo dye. It is lightweight and very comfortable.

It is important that they are comfortable, and I naturally pick them up more often when I choose my clothes in the morning.

But it is not just about being easy to wear.

Relaxed and beautiful shape

ONIBEGIE 2-Way Tuck Pants

The overall silhouette is roomy, but the length is a bit short with a gentle taper. The moderately loose fit also reveals a glimpse of beauty.

In addition, because of the pattern work that provides space between the legs and the fabric of the pants, there is no need to worry about the pants becoming sticky with sweat even when worn in the summer. (This is a small detail, but it shows the designer's consideration for the people who wear the pants.)

Pants that can be worn all year round.
I will definitely wear them the most in 2022.

What I'm attracted most

You may be wondering, "What is a 2-Way Tuck?"

ONIBEGIE 2-Way Tuck Pants
ONIBEGIE 2-Way Tuck Pants

These pants can be tucked inward or outward depending on the position of the buttons. Interesting design, don't you think?

Furthermore, when out-tucked, the silhouette is sleek and clean. When you tuck them in, the silhouette becomes rounded around the waist. This is the secret of the 2-Way Tuck: you can enjoy two pieces in one.

The KUON team calls these pants "Hakama Pants" because they were created based on the designer's inspiration from Hakama and Origami.

Here is one last photo of the process of Hakama Pants creation.

Production process

As the theme of the 2022 Spring/Summer Collection "Color of Light" suggests, this season's collection is designed with a focus on light and shade, which account for the majority of visual elements, and is expressed through folds, movement by the continuity of different materials, and depth by the degree to which light reaches the garment.

The ONIBEGIE 2-Way Tuck Pants are also designed with a sense of depth by creating shadows with the tucks.

ONIBEGIE 2-Way Tuck Pants

The folds (tucks) are being made in ,muslin.
The atelier team's detailed manual work and trial-and-error process is what makes these garments stand out in our stores.

We hope you will give these pants a try. If you have a chance to visit our store, please feel free to try them on.

Thank you.

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