Jackets I'm interested in...

Jackets I'm interested in...

Hi there, it's Shohei.

I would like to introduce a jacket I'm personally interested in.

The SS21 has been released, and I've written in past blogs about being "excited about the spring weather" and "enjoying shopping this spring" but I was bothered when I saw myself wearing an M65 military parka in the window or glass on my way to work.

(It's not like spring at all...)  


Multi Colored ONIBEGIE Drizzler Jacket

Multi Colored ONIBEGIE Drizzler Jacket

Multi Colored ONIBEGIE Drizzler Jacket

These are the photos of the jackets I'm interested in. 

When I looked at the pictures, it looks really cool. (I mean the jacket) The color scheme is light and refreshing, with fresh blue and bright blue on the front. And it goes well with the denim I bought the other day.

Seeing this light styling with the white colored shirt made me feel all the more excited for spring. 

I bought new shoes and bottoms, but if I wanted to feel spring, it should be tops.

If I can get a ticket to the Green Room Festival, I would like to wear a white tee and shorts. I already have image of my styling.

Multi Colored ONIBEGIE Drizzler Jacket

 Multi Colored ONIBEGIE Drizzler Jacket(2101-JK0405)

At first glance, the color scheme looks striking, but the blue color makes it surprisingly easy to wear.

It looks regular blue color, but I am very attracted to its soft and gentle color, also the texture of the fabric. I don't have any appropriate words, but it tickles my heart.

The fabric is called ONIBEIGIE, it is synthetic fiber dye, made from natural components extracted from onion peels. It was impossible to dye synthetic fiber with natural dye, but ONIBEIGE was invented to enable it.

Blue is dyed from indigo, it reminds me of river and sky. It is well describes Kachofugetsu.

Multi Colored ONIBEGIE Drizzler Jacket

Brown is also available.

The brown part is dyed with olive, yellow part is from gardenia and white is from chamomile. 

I personally recommend blue one, but the soft yellow color is also attractive. 

It is hard to describe all, so please see them in person. 

Thank you!

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