It is a pattern reminds of Shoji frame, traditional Japanese sliding screen that plays a role of curtains in traditional Japanese housings. It is one of the Kabuki patterns worn by Koshiro Matsumoto the 4th, famous Kabuki actor. It became famous when his son Koshiro Matsumoto the 5th played "Banzuiin-Chobei" in a costume with this plaid in 1803. After that this pattern named "Koraiya Plaid" after the style of Koshiro Matsumoto. Every Kabuki family has their own styles that have been succeeded from generation to generation and has unique patterns related to their traditions as well.

Applying a special process called opal print processing after bonding cotton Katsuragi fabric to twill fabric that is woven with low gloss yarn by dispersing light reflection as the base fabric, dissolves part of the surface cotton and makes the fabric distinctive three-dimensional pattern.