[Fashion Model]


Shirt: John Lawrence Sullivan
Pants: Stella McCartney


Q: Where are you from?
Mie prefecture

Q: What do you do?
Fashion Model

Q: What made you to be hooked on "fashion"?
Influence of my mother


Q: What is your favorite things to do on your days off?
Stuck in my house to watch movies and animated movies as eating something from UBER EATS.

Q: What are you into now?
I'm into "gal (gyaru)" culture from 1990s...I learned how to dance Para Para (lol)

Q: What is your favorite restaurant?
A restaurant called "awashima102bistro". It is a cozy restaurant in a cozy area, about 15 minutes away from Sangenjya Station by foot. Their food and wines are so good!

Q: What are your three necessities?THE ROW × Oliver peoples1. "THE ROW × Oliver peoples" Sunglasses 

About 5-6 years ago, I bought them with my first paycheck. The color of the lens and frame is exquisite, and I haven't found sunglasses better than this...


2. "CHANEL" Tote bag

I inherited my mother's precious bag that she loved when she was in her twenties. The combination of pink and black is outstanding.


3. "MARC JACOBS" Shoulder bag

I can't tell you much about it (lol), but it's a one-of-a-kind bag that I designed.

Q: What do you keep in mind when you work?
To be healthy!!!

Q: What is your favorite YouTube channel?
egg Channel / 北欧、暮らしの道具店 / きまぐれクック Kimagure Cook

Q: Could you tell us a bit about KUON items you wear?
When I first saw it, it was so cute both from the front and from the side, and I thought I could mix and match it in any out fits.


Fashion Model

Instagram: @_____723____

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