SASHIKO Quilting Jacket -DOROZOME-

Pre-order event for items co-produced with Jumpei Seki

Hi it's Shohei.
S'YTE x KUON POP UP STORE (until the 15th) is still popular, but a new event will start on Saturday, August 14th! 

Pre-order event for items co-produced with Jumpei Seki

We will have a pre-order event for items co-produced with Paris - based "Fashion Improver" Jumpei Seki.

The jacket, scarf and cushion are made with manually quilted cotton poplin dyed with mud (DOROZOME). Cochineal, which has been used as a natural dyeing material since ancient times, is used for dyeing to create an elegant gray color that is different from DOROZOME you imagine.



The term of pre-order: August 14, 2021 - August 22, 2021(JST)


*Available at KUON flagship store and KUON ONLINE STORE on made-to-order only. These products will be delivered in the late November 2021.

※Jumpei Seki will be at KUON Flagship Store on August 14.

SASHIKO Quilting Jacket -DOROZOME-

SASHIKO Quilting Jacket -DOROZOME-


SASHIKO Quilting Scarf  -DOROZOME-

SASHIKO Quilting Cushion -DOROZOME-

SASHIKO Quilting Cushion -DOROZOME- 


Jumpei Seki will be in the KUON Flagship Store

He will be in the store on the first day, August 14!

It is a rare opportunity to talk with him. Perhaps, you can hear interesting stories about the products!

The weather forecast says it will be mostly rain tomorrow, but it also says it will be sunny 12pm to 6pm!


 【Jumpei Seki】

Born in 1979. He co-founded 1LDK in 2008, worked as a buyer and manager. In 2015, he started working at 1LDK Paris. He started working as "Fashion Improver" in 2016 after leaving 1LDK. He works with several clients to enhance the brand value based in Paris.
Instagram: @sekijumpei



KUON will start providing "DOROZOME" garment-dye service

At the same time of the pre-order event, we'll start providing DOROZOME garment-dye service.


I guess you have KUON clothes that you don't wear so often due to steins or color-fade. We can revive them by overdyeing with DOROZOME!

You can choose color from "Dark / Medium / Light". We have color swatches in the store.



□Time takes:90days (It can be longer due to the weather)


Dark:14,300円~ Medium:13,200円~ Light:12,100円~

Dark:14,850円~ Medium:13,750円~ Light:12,650円~

Shirt & T-Shirt
Dark:13,200円~ Medium:12,100円~ Light:11,000円~

Dark:12,100円~ Medium:11,000円~ Light:9,900円~

Hat & Accessories
Dark:10,450円~ Medium:9,350円~ Light:8,250円~

*Sorry, the service is available only at KUON Flagship Store!

□Noted before ordering

・We dye only KUON clothes.
・The garments will be shrunk in the dyeing process.
・The color can be faded and/or transferred.
・The color can be uneven because it is done by hands.
・Only cotton, linen, silk and rayon can be dyed.
・Padded garments and extremely thick fabric cannot be dyed.
・If there are chemicals, oil and/or similar kind of ingredients on the fabric, the color may be different in those areas.
・Wash and dry the garments without bleach and fabric softener before bringing the garments.


If yo have any questions, let us know.  

Thank you!


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