【What I bought】 Accessories

【What I bought】 Accessories

Hi, it's Shohei.

Today, I would like to introduce 3 KUON accessories I bought and satisfied so much. I have introduced many clothes but accessories.


1. Daily essential

Bandana -BORO PRINT-

Bandana -BORO PRINT-
¥3,300(tax included)
(Contact us for inquiry since it is not available online)

At first glance, it looks like it is made of BORO, but it is realistically printed on rayon/cotton fabric. It takes a lot of skill to print on rayon with such a high level of reproducibility.

Bandana -BORO PRINT-
Bandana -BORO PRINT-

It has a drape that is typical of rayon, so it can be wrapped around the neck like a scarf and used as an accent around the face.

It was useful as an accent during the summer when I spent time in just a T-shirt. It was also functional as it prevented the yellowing of my white T-shirts by wrapping it around my neck.

Bandana -BORO PRINT-

Most of you carry a handkerchief with you on everyday, but for those men who do not carry a handkerchief, this is an item that you should definitely carry with you.

I heard women are interested in handkerchiefs we use, more than we think. Plus, it is also eco-friendly to save paper for wiping hands.

2. Unsung hero of daily coordination



They is the first pairs of socks KUON produced. The "MON SASHIKO" and "CROSS SASHIKO" that symbolize this season's collection are reproduced by jacquard knitting.

The jacquard knitting method is very attractive because it reproduces the SASHIKO-ORI patterns very well and allows you to enjoy the three-dimensional design, so I bought both patterns.


Don't you think it is stylish when you catch a glimpse of these socks?
I have only looked for functionality in socks such as warmth, price and durability. However, when I wear these socks, I feel better when I see the SASHIKO patterns unexpectedly when I am sitting on the floor or I cross my legs.

I will probably buy more. LOL!

3. One of my uniform


BORO Cap (Navy) *Sold out, will be restocked soon
¥22,000 (tax included)

As I mentioned in this article, I love baseball, and I always want to wear a baseball cap, but I thought it had too much of a street feel and looked too young. However, KUON's baseball cap has a short brim, so I bought it because I felt it was somehow elegant.


BORO Cap (Black) *Sold out, will be restocked soon
¥20,900 (tax included)

Currently they are sold out in both colorway, but they will be restocked in this month. As soon as the date will be decided, I will let you guys know. I will buy black one because I don't have it.

I have more items to introduce you, but this is it for today. You can check other accessories at here.

Thank you!

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