"KUON atelier" Vol.2 -Home Collection"

"KUON atelier" Vol.2 -Home Collection"

Have you checked the shirket and the sweatshirt from the 1st drop of our new label "KUON atelier"? KUON atelier is an experimental label to present attractive of KUON with different approaches from the collection label. 

Now, the 2nd drop is available with its new brand label.

KUON atelier 

The letters "atelier" is hand written by our designer, Ishibashi. 

Back on the topic, the 2nd drop is named "Home Collection". As the name presents, we have produced some house hold items that color your lives.

 KUON atelier "Home Collection"-1

 KUON atelier "Home Collection"-2

 KUON atelier "Home Collection"-3

 KUON atelier "Home Collection"-4

 KUON atelier "Home Collection"-5

 KUON atelier "Home Collection"-6

 KUON atelier "Home Collection"-7

 KUON atelier "Home Collection"-8

 KUON atelier "Home Collection"-9

 KUON atelier "Home Collection"-10

 KUON atelier "Home Collection"-11

 KUON atelier "Home Collection"-12

 KUON atelier "Home Collection"-13

 KUON atelier "Home Collection"-14

 KUON atelier "Home Collection"-15

We all hope this collection can help lighting your lives up.  

You can see all the items at here.




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