November Events in KUON Flagship Store

November Events in KUON Flagship Store

Hi, this is Shohei.

As we announced in this blog, most of our products will be sent to our dealers for pop-up stores. Therefore, "KUON Flagship Store" will be closed for as its original purpose as a "Flagship Store".

We were able to finish our second anniversary event with great success, and we can finally take a good rest.

No, no, no!!!

We'll be closed as a Flagship Store, but we'll have special events during that time!

1. November 3rd to 6th

We'll have a special pop-up store by Mr. Suzuki from CCX, Mr Yoshiwara, Mr. Ichinose from tokishirazu. (Left to Right in the above photo)

Those three people who have been top runners in the Japanese fashion industry for many years will bring their selections to our store. All three will be in the store on Friday, November 4, so please come and visit us.


1-841-2 Shinmaruko-higashi, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi 211-0004, Kanagawa
Instagram: @tokishirazu_shinmaruko@tomohiro_ichinose



2-12-2 Kitazawa #202, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0031
Instagram: @ccx_kitazawa

November 3 to 6, 2022 / 12pm - 8pm
*All three will be in the store on the 4th.

KUON Flagship Store

Pop-up store by tokishirazu and CCX
Special sukajans selected by Mr. Yoshiwara
Archive market of KUON

2. November 10th to 13th

We'll have an archive market with our friend's brands. Currently, the participating brands are, ANEI, E.Tautz, TOHNAI, T&S and KUON.

*There might be additional brands...

It must be fresh for those recently started buying KUON and other brands to see those archives.

I personally look forward to see E.Tautz that I spent lots of money in my early 20s.

November 10 to 13, 2022 / 1pm - 7pm
*12pm - 8pm on Sat, 12th and sun, 13th.

KUON Flagship Store

Business hours of KUON Flagship Store in November

1 and 2: Closed

3 to 6: Pop-Up store by CCX, tokishirazu and Mr.Yoshiwara

7 to 9: Closed

10 to 13: Archive Market by ANEI, E.Tautz, TOHNAI, T&S and KUON

14 to 16: Closed

from 17: Open as usual



We look forward to your visit, and hope you to enjoy the events!!

Last but not least, duty free shopping for international visitors is now available in the KUON Flagship Store.

Thank you!

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