【KUON neighbors】 レ ミルフォイユ ドゥ リベルテ

【KUON neighbors】 les mille feuilles

Hi it's Shohei.

There are four vases in the KUON Flagship Store. Each vase is made of a different material, size, and shape, and is decorated with seasonal flowers in consideration of their compatibility with the vase.

【KUON neighbors】 レ ミルフォイユ ドゥ リベルテ

Their beauty can be fragile and short-lived, costly, and difficult to change the water everyday. I used to go to flower shops only on special occasions like Mother's day to buy flowers.

It was after joining KUON that I started to go to the flower shop regularly. At the beginning, I just looked at the flowers that Arata had bought, but I started going to the flower shop near KUON to choose and buy flowers instead of him.

This time I would like to write about the flower shop we usually go to.
After shopping at KUON, it would be a good idea to buy some flowers for your spouses on the way back home. 

les mille feuilles

【KUON neighbors】 レ ミルフォイユ ドゥ リベルテ

This is the store where we buy flowers. The exterior of the shop reminds me of the streets in Paris.

I didn't always look at the exterior from a distance, but when I look at it like this, I really feel that it is different from a conventional flower shop.

【KUON neighbors】 レ ミルフォイユ ドゥ リベルテ
【KUON neighbors】 レ ミルフォイユ ドゥ リベルテ

The interior of the store is filled with warm and gentle lights, and flowers are displayed along with antique furniture and accessories. Every time I come here, I feel like I have stepped into a foreign land. The atmosphere of the store and the warm and welcoming staff make me feel very comfortable.

I come here a couple of times a month, and they kindly teach me about seasonal flowers, the balance of flowers in one vase, and how to take care of them.

Some of the staff even already remember the size of the vases in KUON.

The flowers come in three times a week, so no matter when you visit the store, you can buy fresh flowers. After purchasing flowers at this cozy "les mille feuille", I have a curry at the cozy "BLAKES" which I mentioned in my previous blog.

This routine makes me energetic!

Flowers in KUON Flagship Store

【KUON neighbors】 レ ミルフォイユ ドゥ リベルテ

At first, I didn't know how to balance the flowers and thought, "This is difficult...," but recently I've been feeling more adventurous, thinks "This flower will go well in this vase" or "I'll try this flower".

Thanks to the people at "les mille feuille" who always help me choose flowers.

When I first came to the store, I asked them to see all the vases in our store and consulted with them, but I started to think about the theme color of the season and choose flowers in my own way.

My way to enjoy flowers

【KUON neighbors】 レ ミルフォイユ ドゥ リベルテ

As I mentioned, the period in full bloom is short. However, when they lose their vigor and their leaves start to turn brown, I find that I can see a different side of them and enjoy a different kind of beauty.

I also started to gather flowers where the sun would shine before opening so that the flowers would stay in full bloom as long as possible. I believe flowers make people kind.

Just as there are seasons for clothes, there are also seasons for flowers. When you visit the store, please take a look at the flowers in the vases and feel the season through both the clothes and the flowers.

Thank you very much for your time.

【KUON neighbors】 レ ミルフォイユ ドゥ リベルテ
【KUON neighbors】 レ ミルフォイユ ドゥ リベルテ
【les mille feuilles】
Address: 3-52-3 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051
Business Hours: 11am -6pm
Website: https://liberte-f.co.jp/
Instagram: les_mille_feuilles_de_liberte
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