A new service for vintage BORO T-shirts

A new service for vintage BORO T-shirts

Hi, this is Shohei.
The outfits has been becoming lighter and lighter for summer. Isn't it precisely because it's that time of year that you want to buy special items?

In summer, I buy expensive leather shoes, gold accessories, or order jackets... Every year, I buy special items in Summer.

I may be the only one who buys special one in the summer, but I would like to introduce a luxurious and special service at our store.

"Wearing time", an ultimate luxury

Color: White, Black

One of our standard T-shirt that features vintage BORO. 
BORO, which have aesthetic value as "handicrafts that are more than 100 years old," are impossible to reproduce. BORO are filled with the spirit, wisdom, and techniques of the old Japanese people who cherish things, and the passage of time over 100 years.

To produce a genuine BORO from now, you have to wait for more than 100 years. It is no wonder that the value of BORO has been increasing year by year. (You can't wait 100 years, can you?)

You can choose BORO you like

As a new trial this season, we have prepared BORO cut into 25.5cm x 25.5cm pieces to be sewn on T-shirts in the store.

These BORO fabrics are carefully collected from all over Japan by our trustworthy network of antique hunters. You can choose your favorite one from them and we sew it in the direction you like. Of course, they all are one-of-a-kind.

The T-shirts are available in our standard fabrics and shapes from M to XXL.

*Noted that number of both BORO and T-shirts are limited...

By the way, the BORO in the photo above have already left for a customer, but it was fun and special for me to assist the selection. The burn mark on the upper right corner is unique and very nice.

It is impossible to see and touch BORO up close at museums and other places that display folk art like BORO, so this is a great opportunity for visitors to actually touch them. Many customers make new discoveries, saying like, "The back side of the rag is also very nice," or "I didn't know it was made like this.

Here are some sneak peeks.

This one has unique Sashiko stitchings.

The color has faded, the fabric is torn in places as if melted, and even the stains in places are beautiful.

I think you will have a hard time deciding which one to choose.
Just when you think you have decided, I will ask you "Which direction do you want to place it? I am sure you will be even more confused from there.

I hope you will spend your time luxuriously in the store for a luxurious piece of clothing. (Please take your time over a cold drink to your heart's content.)

Please take this opportunity to try our one-of-a-kind luxury T-shirts.

Thank you!

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